Night 26

Getting a bit behind with blog updates sorry.

Slept ok last night but went to bed about 11.30 and only seemed to need 8 hours sleep. Woke up at 8am got out of bed made breakfast for my gf and had my own. Took my tablets half an hour later and had a shower. Felt pretty good after that.

We've been out to buy plants at a local garden centre. I felt a tad sick and dizzy walking round the garden centee and my knees didn't feel too hot. But my muscles are fine so this might just be the chimpanzee cold virus from the az jab doing it's thing. Honestly I think it is.

I came home did some light diy. Made lunch for me and my gf. Normally I only make my own as I don't have the energy to do one let alone two. Neck is a tiny bit stiff now 1.30pm but I'm due to have my next dose in about 30 minutes so this will ameliorate anyway.

Feeling this good isn't going to sink in immediately. It's going to take quite a long time. Too many years of feeling shitty. I am pacing and not pushing myself to maximum or near max exertion. So please bare that in mind. Certain activities have always made me crash hard with ME so I'm still being super cautious with those for the time being.

Strength has returned in my hands. I managed to read into a reinforced cardboard box without fatigue or loss of strength in the hand...was not too successful getting in the box 😂

Egcg dose was 165mg/165mg/75mg/0mg today.

I really need to sort out my diet. Eating too much protein and I think it's making me a bit wired. Working on it!


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