Night 24

Slept much better last night. Woke up twice I think. Once because I had hunger pains which turned out to be lack of water and second because I was just very restless upon waking.

Muscles do feel a bit stiff today even though I didn't do much yesterday. But that might be the egcg gap as I don't take any egcg after 5pm so it could effect gdh.

Today's egcg dose will be 200/200 and then 125 and then 0mg again.

I'll report back post jab I expect.

Just as a reminder many of my physical symptoms have vanished. There's no inflamation in the head or neck area at all now that I'm off the beta glucans. The ligaments, lymph nodes and cranial cervical junction are fine. I can look straight up at the ceiling without getting dizzy too. Just shows you how much inflamation must have been in the tissues in that area likely putting pressure on the spinal chord when doing simple activities.

PEM and exertional tolerance still fine since last Sunday. I read a book out loud for 30 minutes last night. No effect on my throat and no gland swelling.

So all very impressive. My heat tolerance and allergies also seem way better. My gf was telling me how hers are very bad yesterday and I was like "really?" I hadn't even noticed. Last year June wasn't that bad for me though so might take this with a pinch of salt.

I'll report back later on.


yeah my allergies seem better than normal, this should be almost the peak of hayfever season for me yet I got almost no symptoms. I've never been able to tolerate heat well ( can't think and I feel tired over around 26C ), I use an expensive fan a lot of the time in summer. I have had periods of acute heat intolerance though, in the 6 months prior to developing me/cfs especially, but I put this down to anxiety disorder at the time. Its funny how we notice a lot of things independently that seem to be the same.
Maybe it's not just me then. Based on previous experiences allergies should definitely be miles better if something is working so to speak. Seeing as ME seems to make all allergies worse.

Glad your doing ok on the allergies front. I think the itching I experienced on the reishi and lion's mane has calmed down a ton. Not sure if it's related or not.

Feeling good tonight just a very sore arm and fairly dizzy/with some nasal pressure and mucous. That'll be the chimpanzee virus!

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