Night 23

325mg, 325mg, 125mg, 0mg
Reishi: 980mg 3x a day
oat bran 0mg
lions mane 0mg

Sleep was broken, although was dehydrated for the first 2-3 hours after I went to sleep. I guess this feels like a symptom of ME as it never existed before, at least not regularly that I can remember. So it would be nice to see this go.

I'm waking up without physical fatigue and I don't have any physical fatigue in the night so that's definitely changed. But I am waking up very tired, which might be caused by too much egcg or simply the lack of beta glucans. I end up yawning on calls throughout the day, even though I am getting 9 hours sleep at night and I am still going to bed at 10pm and getting up at 8am. So that's not ideal really, don't really know what it is caused by, would be great to know.

Getting full blood tests today, so should get the results next week and I'll post a link so people can see them.

Looking forward to getting rid of this tiredness, I do wonder if it's hormonal or adrenal related.


seems we both experiencing things like tiredness that don't fit the usual push->crash pattern.

I can confirm now that I have less PEM in response to 'mild exercise', mostly things that normal people would'nt really necessarily think of as exertion but we would. I haven't had to stop gaming because it immediately puts my nerves into overdrive ( causing PEM ) in the past week. I did slow down on one day due to the tiredness we have discussed, but its a different feeling then what often stops me from playing. This has been a real problem in the past because I often feel like i'm letting people down, but I can't explain why without telling people up front about my heath issues, which is weird when you are just trying to play a game.

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