Night 21

Egcg: 125mg
Everything else as normal but no oat bran.

Slept reasonably ok last night.

I've got a covid jab on the 3rd so I've got to come off anything immune exhaustive/aggregating and based on Cort Johnson's article MDs who were ME specialists recommended various things before the jab including vitamin c and glycine/nac but not limited to them. So when I take everything but the immune herbs according to Josh he says that should be much easier on the body. Although he also seems to say that if gdh isn't knocked down enough it won't work. Not sure how you can get dosing right when it feels like guess work. I think 125mg might have got me back up and out yesterday but I also felt over stimulated. I also took 2g bcaas in the evening. Bcaas make me very hyper and borderline angry these days even in small doses. No idea why as they never used to. Years ago they just gave me a whopping headache.

I went out last night which I haven't done in probably 3 years and didn't experience any physical pain but the muscles in my legs did seize up while I was out. Although it was quite a contrast to what I was once able to do. Even so the lack of PEM remission bothers me. This protocol just doesn't seem to do what it suggests it can. PEM is not blocked at all. Plus it took me 3 days to get over the last crash I had. Also the incidence of crashes has gone up and as we all know your meant to stay away from constant crashing.

I did crash thismorning with muscle fatigue, what feels like brain inflamation and a ebv like swelling of the gland in my throat. I also seem to have a lot of mucus thismorning.

So I'll see what the protocol is like without any immune herbs.


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