Night 20

Slept better, probably because I was pretty out of it most of the day. Have been feeling better in the evenings on two occasions, probably the evening carbs + the lack of beta glucans.

Woke up feeling like I was back on track to reach a decent baseline this morning, which is a relief! But not sure why it took that long this time.

Had muscle fatigue this morning, dizziness was better but it's still there, muscles are still tiring easily after sitting in the kitchen to have breakfast whereas last week this wasn't the case. I do feel like I might be returning to normal, but I don't feel like the protocol is really helping me get there because it's taking ages. There's also a possibility this could be a blip and the change in weather + pollen was a bit too much for my system all at once.

Also I added the b vitamins in last week (thorne complex) so that could be playing a role in these less stable energy levels.

I'll be taking 125mg egcg today to see what effect if any it has. I've got an auto immune panel and full blood tests ready to book in this week, should probably try to get those done before my covid jav as that might skew the results!
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