Night 2

Slept much better last night. To be safe I took melatonin 1.5mg 1000mg 5-htp and 25mg nytol. Even so slept very well on that.

Fatigue isn't too bad thismorning. I did have to do some jobs last night which required physical exertion. It was fairly demanding so I think overall the fact I've not crashed so far is interesting. But I was experiencing this while taking thiamine. The only difference is that my body now has the energy support it needs and the egcg should shut off the hhv damage as it inhibits glutamate dehydrogenase.

So I do have some muscle fatigue yes but its just not that bad and I haven't crashed which is the interesting part!

I also managed to drink 3 litres yesterday. I do think this is important fort he protocol.

Two things:

I was asthmatic yesterday and had other allergic type symptoms. Itchy skin could be an immune reaction or it could be an allergic reaction. I've removed the sodium benzoate as I'm not having any headaches - I've never had these severely with ME anyway I only got them recently. I don't know why. Nitric oxide levels too high from b vitamin use possibly.

I'll also be starting the lion's mane later today and probably buying a new reishi extract. Josh has recommended me the life extension one because it has confirmed triterpene context and I don't do well with tinctures. The tincture is causing me to get mouth ulcers. So I'll switch to the life extension resihi.

Lastly diet: normally a low carb diet is brought in to reduce reactive oxygen species levels. I thought it was being done to switch metabolic energy metabolism so that the body could correct itself. It seems like Josh beleives the body doesn't need to correct itself for the protocol to work. I understood that it did so this was lack of understanding on my part. Basically dramatically reducing the carbs to 85g a day will reduce ROS but if ROS levels already seem low (I've been working on my gut health and immune system viral titers for about 2 months) then the high carb restriction is less important.
I will bring in dairy when I feel ready. I don't want diherrea 3 times a day currently.
I've added kefir for the time being and some wheat in the mornings. I think as my diet is very high in protein anyway this should be good. Fat content is reasonable.

I'll post back later.


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