Night 19

Slept fine really but felt drugged up for most if it. Probably the 25mg nytol I took for sleep.

Woke up dizzy, with leg cramp that also feels like fatigue, muscle weakness and muscles tiring easily. So feels like I've over done it but I didn't do anything yesterday so there shouldn't have been a reaction like this. Especially if gdh inhibition is meant to stop all fatigue.

I've booked an auto immune panel which will check for about 6 antibodies and about 12 diseases. Will be nice to rule some things out.

I'm still sneezing a bit in the day and I do wonder how much pollen and allergies are playing a role currently. I definitely felt like my immune system was in full swing yesterday. Might be why I don't feel too great today. Could just be my body crashing.

At any rate I'll be going back down to the 75mg egcg for the time being and continuing the protocol. Bought another months worth today to keep me going. £190!
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