Night 18

Didn't sleep that great last night. Was quite warm as well when sleeping. One thing I haven't considered is whether my temperature tolerance is better than it was as this is often a big problem for ME people. One to think on later in the year. It only just got hot here in the UK most bizarre spring ever!!

I managed to get some sun yesterday which was good. Topped up my vitamin D :D

Read to my gf for awhile last night. Normally something I would not be able to deal with because it would really mess up my throat. But as it happens I was fine.

After exertion yesterday and my graded exercise I would say I woke with 40% of normal PEM and no neuro related fatigue at all. So muscles in arms and legs have the bulk of the fatigue but it's not severe. I'm convinced after dose 1 it will disappear.

Inflamation at the back of the head and the cranial cervical junction was vastly improved yesterday. So I'm dead interested to see if this improves or gets worse over the next few days

There definitely appears to be a cumalative effect occuring. Whereby I may gain a little bit extra in remission (if we can call it that) every 3 days. But this didn't happen until I went up to the higher egcg dose. Which seems to be reflected in Josh's latest post and current findings.

All in all I'm quite optimistic about the physical and immune gains I should make over the next few months. Particularly interested to see the effect on viral titers and the like. For the tests I can get which really is only ebv. I have a pre protocol ebv baseline test which I can get again. I've got an oat from 2018 which I can use as something of a baseline as well for the new one.


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