Night 17

Feel rough today like I've got a cold. However I don't think it's due to anything I did yest or ME related. If this turns out to be true that's really quite impressive. Feels like an allergic attack all the same.

I took something yesterday which was off procotol as an experiment to reduce my inflamation. It totally worked but it's left me with a very unsettled stomach and lots of stomach acid and feeling rough as hell. I'm sure I read somewhere that stomach acid is meant to be ph balanced or the whole body becomes acidic? I haven't got time to research it currently.

Anyway my current update is that I'm doing well. Mon Tues and weds this week I was able to leave the house at lunch or do a series of chores with or without graded excercise. My body did try to crash but stopped halfway through after excercise. Even so if I do some things I will crash and I shouldn't be from these things. So gonna see if my body can build up it's stamina.

Seems as if 75mg egcg was vital in my case and the extra whey isolate of course I've never taken 150 to 180g protein per day. I'm not taking any bcaas for the record.

I'll post another hopefully better update later.

Some other things I've noticed that are changing about me:
  • My personality seems to be returning to "old me" which was happier and more jovial - to the point of talking too much and actually having to be careful in that regard! Not everyone likes a talker.
  • Energy levels and stamina feel stronger, certainly if I don't take a dose this is a lot worse, whereas for the last 2 years I have felt very weak like something inside me has ran out/cannot replenish.
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