Night 14

Expected to sleep initially but didn't. Ended up with night sweats which I haven't had for 2 years and woke up with very bad sore throat, bad fatigue in the legs and feeling quite exhausted.

My baseline overall seems to just be getting worse. Which is further placing pressure on my body in terms of doing more which is further causing it to crash each week and get worse. I'm not really convinced any of this is working - for me.

I took 75mg egcg all day yesterday and just felt a bit high on it. As people with ME know this can be a recipe for disaster when you factor in constantly over reaching.

At this point I'm seriously considering going back to my old protocol and adding a few things in from this one to get more benefit. The thing is even if this protocol worked which I'm very doubtful of for me at this point I feel very over stimulated most days which ultimately means my body is never relaxing. I know from practice this is an entirely unforgiving cycle.

Also I find it interesting Josh mentioned Monolaurin in the thread today because I've always had great gains with Lauricidin. Repeatedly up to a limit.

I know I'm not the only person struggling to reach remission. The science makes a lot more sense to me now. But even if things were correctly balanced which I believe they are for me. The PEM is still there and the weakness and instability is still there.

I might try a day off protocol today with some adjustments to the existing one to see if I can make any better gains on my own. Which I think I can because of the gains I made before the protocol taking some other things.

Update: Going to carry on for the time being at least for about 3 more days before giving up.


Forgot to say that the taurine for sleep experiment didn't work. Just over stimulated my mind and made me feel crappy.

I do find it interesting how there's one disease model here and that proposes dampening things down. But there's no flip side where the patient is actually suffering from flipped biomechanics. We keep seeing patient studies where there are groups like this who require or have the total opposite in terms of expected charecteristics.

Maybe these patients require no egcg or inhibition of another flipped pathway or even potentiation of a pathway for the protocol to work. I expect there are subtle differences and as my immune system has always been down regulated anyway I wouldn't be surprised if I fit into one of these differences.

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