Night 13

Crashed a little last night but not as severely as last week. Woke up with sore throat, PEM, muscle fatigue, dizziness and that feeling of pain you get when your body isn't quite done crashing.

All in all I feel like my maximum energy envelope is smaller now than it was pre protocol. I did think by day 14 most of the PEM and the like would have stopped even if long term symptoms wouldn't have.

The nausea has completely stopped since I removed the life extension egcg. But I seem to be fine taking the Wells pharmacy egcg. Of course I have no idea if the Wells pharmacy one simply doesn't work and the lfe one does work. Which is frustrating in itself. But seeing as I had such a bad reaction to the life extension stuff I won't be adding that back in again.

I feel a bit stuck at this point and I'm not actually sure an oat test which I'll send off tomorrow will help much because there may be too many variables to interpret the results. But hopefully if things like lactate pyruvate and the like are all in the wrong places that should tell me a lot. Fingers crossed.

Immune response has stopped. Not really experienced anything since I skipped my morning dose yest and added the extra protein.

Considering adding ldn into the mix in case my immune system needs to be calmed down for any of this to work. I think auto immunity can wreak havoc in our bodies


From our experiences, without EGCG (or some alternatives I’ll be talking about soon), the protocol is not expected to work well.

In our model, this may cause PEM to accumulate and reishi’s contribution to the immune response to be impaired.
I've still got the egcg, that is I knew if I didn't have it the protocol wouldn't work. So it was only out of my body for 18 hours roughly in the end.

I've upped it to 75mg today but the nausea has come back, it just doesn't seem to agree with me much. I'll keep trying it today but I think I might be an edge case that requires a different gdh inhibitor.
Hey @Judee

I've never actually taken egcg on an empty stomach. Every time I've thrown up (once) or felt very nausaous I've taken it 20 minutes after food. My evening dose was on an empty stomach but it's not anymore as I've changed my third dose around a bit.

So you should definitely take it with food. Or just after food if like me your stomach can get very sensitive.

Be interesting to see how you feel on 25mg or 50mg egcg.

As for taking anything in the protocol on an empty stomach. From memory that only applies to glutathione :) which I've rarely and barely taken primarily because it's full of sugar and eats away at my fragile tooth enamel. Definitely worth taking if you do the protocol and can afford to.
Brain fog lately so I did not read the full protocol but I think some of these things are prescribed to be taken on an empty stomach. Is that true of the EGCG?

I just ask because green tea itself always makes me nauseated on an empty stomach. Is it possible to take the EGCG with some food? @joshua.leisk, @godlovesatrier
Generally speaking, many supplements are better consumed eg. 15 minutes before food.

Based on my experiences, the nausea being described here is a common report during times when the liver immune response is increased. It’s largely unavoidable and most people report it lasting only a few days.

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