Night 12

Slept ok but did wake up again at 4am. Eventually dosed back off. Then woke up at 8am pretty much wide awake. While this might sound good it's not. My body tends to get very light sleep but over the last 2 years I've noticed a direct correlation between infections and over stimulation of the immune system and lack of sleep. Put together they end up being a perfect storm. So I'm pretty nervous if any of those start to happen.

Thismorning I mixed my glycine panthothenic acid and nac with yoghurt. Which was actually quite nice! I just feel a tad lethargic after taking that but nothing severe.

30 minutes after that I took my b6 and thiamine (200mg today). I feel mildly nausaous at this point but that's it.

I'm skipping my morning dose until 1pm as I have to go out thismorning and even though I'm dreading it I can't get out of it. Thankfully my gf is with me so she can take over if I feel really rough.

I'm still kind of hoping this protocol works but as I'm about 8 days in I'm not entirely sure really. I should know for sure in another week. I plan to take the old form of egcg for a few days so I can get my oat test on Monday and hopefully that will make it clear whether the egcg is working. Although I'm not sure a 8pm dose of egcg will show up in an akgdh metabolite test from urine at 8am in the morning. @joshua.leisk ? Any thoughts?

Hoping the nausea calms significantly today. I'll be taking half the reishi and lion's mane dose when I get back. I didn't have any nausea in the night but stomach was definitely upset up until bed time. I do wonder if this is caused by an over active immune system attacking my stomach/gut. As I'm definitely feeling agitated and wired but tired almost all the time now.


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