Night 11

Slept very badly last night. I woke up about 4am and that was it I was basically awake. I probably stayed away for 30 minutes and then weirdly seemed to get back to sleep again. Even so waking up at that time isn't the best.

I've noticed that since I went on the protocol I can't sleep with my partner anymore as the slightest movement or sound wakes me up. Whereas when I took high doses of thiamine much of this stopped. My brain felt much calmer and a lot less over stimulated. In my opinion this proves that there's lack of blood/oxygen/co2 getting to the brain and this is making my ME worse.

I'm also still experiencing muscle fatigue and PEM which I believed the egcg was meant to block but it isn't. I've tried a few different doses of egcg 25mg 50mg and 75mg without any effect.

If anything I feel like my baseline is worse at the moment. I think the main issue isnt that I can do less but that my body feels very weak and therefore if I do something it tends to have a bad effect on me. Worse than it did pre protocol when I was on thiamine and probiotics.

I'm going to take half a life extension two a day today as it's the only thing I haven't taken recently. Got two reasonably busy weekends which are going to be unpleasant and I'm not looking forward to them. Funny how ME takes over everything and things that should be fun just no longer are anymore.


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