Night 10

Slept pretty well last night but I took a small amount of b12 about 4pm and ended up fairly wide awake before bed, so had to take nytol, 5-htp and melatonin to sleep. As it was ended up waking up every few hours. Also my sore throat came back in the night, probably because I wasn't getting REM sleep.

Unlike a lot of the experiments I've done over the past 12 months, this protocol is actually letting me get better sleep. That is I'm not wired or overly awake. I do find b vitamins and folate tend to make me wired after a week of supplementation, which might be an over methylation issue, however b vitamins are also part of the regime so I keep trying to add them in. They usually make me feel good for a few days or a week before all the benefits are lost.

I'm going to get some whey protein isolate and try to gradually increase my protein intake, now that my stomach has calmed down and I'm not going to the toilet 2 or 3 times a day.


One other idea about the protein is maybe something like goat cheese.

I can't do regular dairy but I do seem to be okay with some of the goat cheeses.

I have not read the full protocol so don't know if that would fit or not. Just an idea.
Dairy is definitely promoted by Josh but only once the body appears to have calmed down.

I really couldn't for the life of me remember which cheese was the easy one - so thanks for this! I'll try some goats cheese, maybe after I've managed to get the protein isolate into my system.

Yes regular dairy is not a force to be reckoned with :rofl:
Little update as well, the b12 appears to have gotten rid of my daytime tiredness. I am feeling pretty wide awake today. That or it's the 50g of protein I ate for lunch. I find it weird though that a tiny bit of b12 is what's needed to get me out of the tiredness and now I haven't had one "immune response" type feeling all day long.

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