Night 1

Slept very badly last night. Muscle fatigue thismorning. One of be four things I took seems to have over stimulated my system which kept me awake half the night.

I have mentioned this to Josh seperately but I've also found out that I need to incorporate everything in the protocol and stop the benzoate after 4 days. Which isn't how I had originally read it. I've fed this back to Josh.

So I'll add everything else in today and see how I feel. Probably quite rough I expect if the immune response kicks in. That or I'll just be high as a kite! I've taken these sorts of things for years and tried lots of similar protocols. Some with some success hence why I'm giving this a go. But I'm still aware of how it's likely to make me feel.


really ? thats interesting, at least its doing something I suppose, you could figure out what it is by varying the amount of each thing, I would be its glycine or the panth acid thing, there could be a lot more of it than whats in B vitamins by thorn research. My metabolism might be different to yours though and stuff doesn't keep me awake like that, it could also be the result of combination effect due to other stuff you are already on.
Yes I have a very high metabolism no doubt. I do think it's the glycine, but the collagen benefit I am rather keen on keeping, so I keep taking it. Just taken my second dose, I am recovering from them in about an hour or two, so it might be another sleepless night. To be honest I can't sleep like that again so I'll just take 5-htp melatonin and nytol so I can knock myself out.
Not high dose (high dose is 1200+mg per day) don't get me wrong 300mg is high too but I know this didn;t cause insomnia because I actually slept way way better taking b1. It wasn't until I added other b vitamins like b12, b3, b5 (i was trying to deal with some really bad back ache and terrible pain in my back and neck muscles which I thought might have been due to refeeding syndrome, turns out it wasn't but it could have been due to the thiamine energy paradox( that the insomnia started. Then I had a gradual drive up of methlated b vits from my multi vitamin which I stopped yesterday. I guess it is possible my body is just over stimulated from that, that might be it.

But the b1 hasn't had this effect at all, it made sleep better than it's been in years actually. I felt like my limbic system calmed right down. Honestly when I first started taking 400 to 600mg it calmed my body down within the first 30 minutes and even when the energy boost came on, I wasn't "high" like some things make me. I think that's because it cleared the lactic acid levels, increased the c02 levels and increased blood flow and oxygenation to the brain. So it ameliorated lots of ME symptoms, making me feel tons better. There's a PR thread on high dose thiamine somewhere :) Cort also has a few articles with scientific studies on and I've posted articles on PR as well.
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