Nifty offline editor for writing longer posts or blogs

I sometimes write long posts. I like to think this is because I tackle complex issues in a thoughtful way, but maybe I'm just long-winded. Either way, I don't have the energy to complete the post in one go, which is a problem with the online forum editor. One solution I've discovered is the free 'BBCode Editor', Word-like software (no ugly forum code) that lets you save and return to posts when you have the energy.

This ME-friendly programme has a couple of excellent features. You can copy chunks from a website and it will copy both text and links/images, saving a lot of time. You can also choose to paste just the text if that's all you want. When you are ready to post, just hit "Generate BBCode" and copy the resulting blurb into a normal forum post.

The editor is compatible with any forum using 'BBCode' (ie with [tags]formating like this[/tags]), which is proabably all of them.

I think the new Phoenix 'Xenforo'-powered Forum will have the WYSIWYG word-processor-like interface, which is excellent, but I don't think it will let you save part-completed posts.

Ah, I've just noticed you can save blogs in draft form via the Miscellaneous Options>Publish Status menu. But I don't think that's available with posts.


more notes on the awesome editor

Probably the easiest way of all to use this tool is to write whatever you want to write in MS Word then simply copy and paste into BBCode Editor, press 'generate BBCode' and it produces ready-to-paste forum code.

Works for bold, underline, italic, hyperlinks, indent and lists (both bulleted and numbered). Don't know how to add quotes.

Pasting bug and fix
If you copy and paste into the editor it sometimes pastes it twice (though not when you paste from Word, see above), so you have to delete the 2nd copy. If you paste "unformatted" (Ctrl-Shift-V) you don't get this problem.

Other dinky features

1. If you hit the "quote" button it automatically includes anything you've just copied onto the clipboard
2. Better still, it automatically removes line-breaks when copying from PDFs (for those that like to quote research extensively) giving more readable text (in my opinion).

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