nexavir medicare will no longer cover reason not FDA approved

I am so disappointed!!!!
Last year it was covered and I paid about 60.00 a month for my portion.
I was told that even if I pay for it myself at 450.00 a month the money I spend for it will not be counted towards the donut hole.
I think that this is ourtageous!!!!!!


is it FDA approved for acne? maybe you could try getting it covered, if so.

i'm amazed that you found a doc to Rx it.

I never could.

The only doc who seems to repscrie it in the US of A is cheney.
I do not have acne but that is a good idea? I wonder how I would go about that? Any suggestions?
My np prescribed it; she is willing to prescribe me any safe things that may help.
She is at
She does phone appointments
I was really looking forward to using this on a daily bases since testing positive for xmrv.
I have used it in the pasts but not for long: before I was sure that my illness was from a virus. Now that I have tested positive I was really going to give it a full year try since it seems to be safe. I thought this would give me some time until there is a treatment for xmrv.

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