New year, End of Oregano, and Energy Adventure

Tomorrow is last day for oregano.

All of this is giving me MAD RESPECT for plants. :tulip::globe:

Taking it for SIBO (round...5? 6? of treatment) but I suspect it is treating Lyme too.

Started slowly and took 2 weeks to increase to 6 caps/day. It has been kicking me to the CURB. :zippit:

It seem like I was working 24-30 hours a week , Before Oregano.

then I went down to basically 10/hrs or less. Couple weeks of maybe 1-4 hours/week just to nudge things along. Just slept a ton. Zombieland.

SIBO symptoms are improved, fingers crossed, not gone but better. :)

Should know results in about a month or so once breath test is done. Meantime back to low FODMAP / zero sugar/zero grain eating pattern. :balloons:


Someone recommended an.... alternative health practitioner. I looked at her website and could not figure out what in the heck she did. o_O And then I went anyway.

Basically this person uses subtle touch (aka MAGIC) to sense.... emotional blockages in the body, let's say.

And to encourage you to allow them to release. :fire::heart::balanced:

Hugely powerful session. I do not believe emotional stuff causes chronic illness of course.

But this session really helped me let go of some grief that got wound up into the "chronic over-doing it" that supported the slide into dysbiosis.


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