New symptoms to do with water

I have been drinking 12-15 pints of water a day for as long as I have had ME/CFS.
The CFS specialist nurse recently said that it's NOT an ME symptom and I need to get it checked out.
I don't have diabetes - checked for that within this year.
I am due a blood test on my liver.

In the last few days I have noticed that I don't have the sensation that need to pee. Instead, I don't feel anything, or a dull tummy ache a bit like a mild period pain. I think it goes away after I pee but I need to observe a bit more.

I had a blood test that failed so I'm waiting for the phlebotomist who is a good one. I'm having to wait 2 weeks. The dr said to take the test the next day. I'm concerned this could be something bad, and left untreated for a long time. I'm trying to not google about it in case it makes me more tense.

I'm more sleepy than normal recently. I switched to decaf coffee.

I'm also not experiencing hunger as much, even though I'm eating less. I feel very full sometimes.


I have a kidney issue, diabetes insipidus, where my kidneys don't re-concentrate my electrolytes and it just washes everything out. It can cause serious fatigue. Just a thought for you. Although for serious cases they can put you on Vassopressin (I believe it is called) - for me my Doctor said in a few years I should recover. I drink electrolytes in my water most of the time. I don't know about your other symptoms though, I have a hernia and GI problems, so any type of dull ache is simply lost in the cacophony of other issues. I don't drink enough water but I'm probably at 4 litres per day at the moment if I count in coffee and other liquids.
Sorry to hear about your problems. When I am in a big crash relapse, I have no hunger. My jaws are too exhausted to chew, My body too fatigued to digest. When I eat during this time I feel so full and uncomfortable. I often wonder if my spleen or liver are swollen. In fact I have difficulty laying on my left side. Lack of appetite during these severe crashes has always been normal for me.

I have stage III kidney, I have GI and take omeprazole with no problems and it is necessary for my GI.

Good luck with your blood work
@1gooddog what is stage III kidney and what is GI?

Thanks for letting me know you also don't get hungry - good to know I'm not the only one :)
I have CFIDS and Sjogren's Syndrome- an autoimmune disease that attacks moisture producing glands and leaves you thirsty all the time. I always carry a water bottle because I'm always thirsty. You might ask your doctor about it.

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