New skills I have learnt

  1. Planning further ahead and freezing food.
  2. To notice when my body says no.
  3. To know the difference between a warning 'no you will pay for this' and moan 'no I don't want to'. e.g. my body is stiff in the morning and moans it doesn't want to bend, but carrying on flexing is helpful. Concentrating too long throws up warning signs, and ignoring them is unhelpful.
  4. Spacing out activity/pacing.
  5. Budgeting like never before.
  6. How to deal with the benefits process.
  7. To be happy with much less.
  8. A meditation practice - from once in a while to twice a day in the space of a year.
  9. A daily yoga practice - from once a week to twice a day, starting around the time I stopped being able to go to my yoga class.
Skills I have strengthened
  1. Saying no to other people.
  2. Being grateful.
  3. Letting go of perfectionism... being ok with dropping standards right down.

Skills I have learnt not to do with my health
  1. How to make DIY body butter and lotions with essential oils.
  2. More art skills - calligraphy, collage.
  3. How to brush a wig.
  4. How to deadhead a rose bush.
  5. How to be more ruthless with getting rid of possessions.

To be continued...


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