New ME Memoir Available

I'm Darla, a nine-year ME patient who has released a memoir, Lightening the Shadow: Diagnosing and Living with an Invisible Chronic Illness. Short description: While a college student, her education turned into a crash course in investigating diagnoses and scaling back life plans after crushing exhaustion, cognitive and digestive difficulties and other symptoms developed overnight. Numerous doctors and treatments failed, but with determination, she rebuilt her life and learned seven lessons that everyone with a chronic illness should know.

Among all the noise out there on how to start living a healthy lifestyle, here’s a clear voice on how to start living a chronically ill lifestyle. I’ve written it like a medical mystery book to engage doctors and kept it short for those of us with brain fog.

In an endorsement, Leonard Jason, Ph.D., of DePaul University, wrote, “Darla’s story of her illness journey is filled with wisdom, practical advice and a detailed illustration of what patients experience, particularly those who are young adults. I would recommend this book to anyone who has experienced this illness or who wants to know what it is like to deal with having this chronic condition.”

Every book written about ME provides a chance to spread the word about this disease and gain allies. After reading Lightening the Shadow, please share a review on Amazon and share your copy with another patient in need or a young physician. The memoir is available from online booksellers in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia in print and e-book versions. Learn more by visiting my website,

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Amazing! Looking forward to reading this. I'm glad you're getting your story out there. It helps all of us.

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