New ME / CFS clinic proposal for Ireland. A model which can be applied in other countries.

Dear ME / CFS patient / carer,
The problem of a lack of ME / CFS diagnosis and treatments based on biomedical and biological evidence continues to undermine ME / CFS patients in Ireland, Britain and other EU countries. The abscence of ME / CFS clinics which can do this has further adverse effects on patients.
To address the concerns of ME / CFS patients about the lack of effective diagnostic methodologies and treatments, a grouping of ME / CFS patients has joined together to lobby the Irish government for a new ME / CFS clinic which will use biomedical and biological evidence and best international practises to diagnose and treat ME / CFS. The grouping has meticulously researched the best ME / CFS clinics in the world and identified 20 which have brought about thousands of recoveries from ME / CFS using advanced medical techniques. They are very different to the NICE clinics (in Britain) which have been useless and relied on ineffective psychiatric treatments. Also scientific and clinical research findings form around the world have been carefully categorised to provide overwhelming evidence of biomedical and biological dysfunctions and abnormalities in ME / CFS. Also a listing of leading edge medical drugs and the scientific and clinical reasons for legalising them and designating them for ME / CFS treatment are included on the web site.
The web site is at
We invite patients and carers in Britain and other EU countries and the USA to use our web site to lobby for and push for a similar ME / CFS clinic in their own countries. And use the listing of the top 20 ME / CFS clinics in the world that we have on our web site. You are free to contact your politicians and civil servants and health authorities and push for this type of clinic which will properly diagnose and treat ME / CFS patients, bring about recoveries, and bring hope and relief to many in your respective countries.
Best Regards,
David Egan.
Campaign for a National ME / CFS Clinic


CFS Ireland is a wondeful website. Thank you for posting this David. I am American Irish and the description of this illness and my own testing and experiences are in sync with the information of the webpage. Talk about hitting the nail on the head!

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