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New idea for Facebook Votes that is suddenly waking up our friends to WPI!

What a goldmine of votes for WPI! My wife and I have been racking our brains for 3 days about how to milk our Facebook friends for votes for the $500,000 Chase Giving prize and I think this one will be HUGE if all of us at Phoenix Rising use this Facebook Event strategy. I don't have a facebook account, so we used hers, and I think it came out stronger this way because my wife was asking people to help me, her husband, instead of me asking for myself.

Lo and behold, the below strongly-worded letter (at least it's direct) combined with a "Facebook event" invitation has suddenly prompted our "too busy" or "hold-out" friends :innocent1: to vote for WPI and re-post to their own friend networks. I suppose you could customize it further to get people to vote for Cfids Assocation while they're at it. Anyway, here's the idea that is having a wild-fire effect after just 1 hour. Our friends are voting for WPI and re-posting by the minute, and it's after midnight local time, so I expect many more to join tomorrow morning. By the way, we need to ignite a wild-fire fast, because we slipped into 8th place as of 6pm Monday because of some Argentina group based in NY that is picking up hundreds of votes an hour and is now in 7th. And there is a group helping India natives living in America that is knocking on the door of the top 10 that's also gaining a ridiculous amount of votes in a short time. So, I hope the following idea helps us with these last 2 key days of voting!

My wife figured out she could host a "Facebook event" and invite her 243 friends to attend. She clicked on the friends one by one to invite them to the guest list. This is the letter that went with it, then below I'll give the step-by-step instructions how to host your own Facebook event.

Event Title: Please Help __________ [husband's full name]

Event Start: 11:30pm May 23
Event End: 11:30pm May 25

Where: Chase Community Giving http://bit.ly/lgSzGG

More info:

2 days ago, I began asking friends to vote to win a $500,000 grant to study _______ [my husband]s illness. I have 243 Facebook friends. 50 have voted. 10 have re-posted my plea to their entire friend network. To those of you who have not voted, I am inviting you again to step up for a friend in a simple way for a huge impact. If all 243 friends vote and re-post to their friend network, I believe we will win this for ______. [husband's name]

The deadline to vote is midnight Wednesday, May 25.

To vote:
1. http://bit.ly/lgSzGG takes you directly to the Whittemore Peterson Institute charity on the Chase Giving website.
2."Like" Chase Giving (you can unlike them in a few days if you are concerned about Chase Giving being one of your Facebook contacts)
3. Vote for WPI by clicking the Vote and Share button. After you vote, the button will be replaced with Thanks for your vote
4. To go the extra mile for us, post a request on your wall with these 4 step instructions to ask all your friends to do this as a favor to a friend/loved one. This will multiply the effect by 1,000s and will be THE KEY to winning the grant money. The below paragraph could also be included in your post as an optional way to give people more info about the cause for which they are voting.

Chase Community Giving is awarding $100,000 - $500,000 grants to the top 10 vote-getting charities. The votes can only be done on Facebook. Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuroimmune Diseases is a beloved organization to those with ______ [husband's name]s illness and is currently in 8th place out of 100 charities selected for this unique contest. The WPI was founded by a mother whose daughter has been sick with the same illness as _______ [husband's name] for the last 20 years. The WPI has a fierce determination to find treatments and a cure for Neuroimmune diseases including ME/CFS, but they need this grant to open their clinic and do more research.

See the standings (updated every 12 hours) at http://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/leaderboards/top

PLEASE help our family and others who suffer from this life-long disabling illness by voting for this charity. And if you are willing, we would be so grateful if you shared it with your friends and asked them to vote as well. You are not asking for money, only a vote. This is such a unique opportunity to do good for someonenot in a fund-raiser but in a Facebook vote-raiser! If you are not comfortable clicking a vote button, I would settle for each person writing a check for $2,057.61 to the Whittemore Peterson Institute (______ [husband's name] did the math on how much 243 friends would have to give to add up to $500,000). :)

With gratitude,
_________________ [name]

To host your own Facebook Event:

1) Search Facebook by typing "Events"
2) Choose "Events App"
3) Click on the button "+ Create an Event"
4) Fill out event details, invite guest list by clicking each and every friend, then click button "Create Event" (we checked the 2 boxes about making it public and showing the guest list on the event page - that way everybody will feel obligated to vote. :D)

Tip: See if a friend/spouse will host an event in your name instead of you vote-begging for yourself. I think it comes across in a much more humble and profound way.


Done. Thanks so much. I'm a bit of a Facebook dummy, so the step by step instructions were great. I only had two supporters before, out of 102 friends, so we'll see what happens now. Maybe more will indeed notice and click through. That would be awesome.
Guys, the Facebook Event idea is working!

I began it at 11:30pm last night, and have gotten nearly 100 votes personally or from friends-of-friends. WPI's votes per hour average has gone from 50 votes per hour from 6pm - 11:45pm last night to 75 votes per hour from 6am to 11:45am this morning. Compare that to CAA which is unfortunately only getting 21 votes per hour this morning. The point is, guys, this Facebook Event strategy is working! Please join me and host your own events TODAY and TOMORROW!

See which charities are on the move here in my "Voting Trends" post:
How are you seeing your friends' votes? I have tried, but only one of mine shows up as having voted for WPI. Others have "liked" chase giving, but i don't see their votes. I asked several, and they said they did vote for WPI and CAA, but I can't see any friends' activity, except the one. She was also the only one who bothered to forward any of the posts/ links, or send me a personal message and post back encouraging me, too.
Maybe she was the only one willing to have her privacy settings or something, set to allow people to see her votes?
Great idea. I actually put a link up as an event, at athe beginning. I actually had two people reply "not attending." Bummed me out. Many others are still awaiting response. Some said attending, but again, I can't actually see their votes. I don't have many friends, however, as I've been ill along time, and the illness has been so isolating.
If you give me your husbands first name I'd consider posting it on my FB. If it's a really unique name I understand though if you don't want to.
Hi Mishe, for now I'm not comfortable doing that. Thanks for understanding.

I just posted a new blog that has better wording for this final day of voting. It also has fewer personal references to customize.

Go team! :victory:

P.S. to Warriorseekpeace: I'm sorry about the isolation. I have only been sick/disabled 3 years and so still have an entire family/friend network intact. I hope it pays off today.

You can see which of your friends are voting a couple ways, but none are exact. First, many are telling me via Facebook, or through re-posts on their walls, or by sharing when they vote or re-post the event. Second way is that on the Chase Giving app page (where the Top 100 leaderboard is), I think on the main or home tab, it has a little activity screen you can scroll up/down on the right that says "so and so has voted for WPI."

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