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So for the last 5 weeks I've not taken any beta glucans (oat bran) because I believed it could be inducing neutropenia. This is because beta glucans directly feed neutrophils and monocytes in the body, so it made sense to me that if they do that they might be being used at an exponential rate. Also I sustained my good level of function (with better sleep) when I stopped the oat bran, that is to say I was able to go out for a long walk without crashing (it was a minor crash but that was because my body wasn't quite where it needed to be yet).

So it's good that I did this in a way as I know now that I don't need beta glucans to get benefit from the protocol. But I think taking beta glucans every 2 or 3 months is likely the best way to keep herpes viruses under control. Here are my latest results, back into a healthy range:


and history of my results:


Anything above 1.5 is considered healthy so I don't feel like I'm at risk like I was.

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Commonly found issue but nobody seems to know why. Too many theories and conjecture to really have a solid idea why.

I'm not sure they improved much really. Basically when my neutrophils were at their lowest my energy output and envelope was at its highest and my symptoms at their lowest. So there was absolutely no direct correlation between ME and neutropenia for me.

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