Neuropathy? B6 or Maganese toxicity?

I am still suffering from my neuropathy. My b6 level was tested as 48 some months ago, it should be between 2-20. At the time I did not take any supplemental b6. A lot of people have a problem converging it to p5p. Then the b6 just builds up, becomes toxic and causes neuropathy. I hope I can get tested soon again. Id like to test my p5p level too, but it is hard to find a lab that does this.
If p5p is low (as is suggested by other indicators in my lab results) that would imply a dillema as I am not sure if I dare to take p5p. Ive heard from people getting neuropathy from this too. Why? It is a mystery. The only treatment I dare to do to improve p5p conversion at the moment is to take magnesium, zinc and active riboflavin.
Ive heard that manganese can cause neuropathy and neurological disorder as well, it even can mimic parkinsons. Higher manganese in drinking water was found to correlate with lower IQ in children. It is hard to diagnose as the serum levels do not always correlate with the brain levels. I suppose a hair test may work.
Anyway, be careful what you take!


Hello Leaves,

I am so sorry you continue to suffer from neuropathy. It definitely is not pleasant, to understate what it can be like. My best wishes your's eases off somehow.

And thank you very much for sharing your news re: b6 levels. That may be an important clue to help my ME/CFS husband. He has been suffering from a rash on his bum for three months now and it has worn him right out. I'm really wondering if what he's been feeling is some kind of nerve pain that one would not normally expect with a rash. You've given us something to perhaps ponder and get tested.
I too have very high B6 levels being if I remember correctly over the 150 mark. I had no idea this was another symptom of CFS/ME. Neither did my doctor I may add.

Will have to mention this conversion problem to p5p again at the next appointment.

I wonder if this contributes at all to my anxiety....
magnesium, zinc and active riboflavin will help the conversion, if I understood what I just read

I know this thread is old - but I too have high b6 (73 as of last week) and also do not supplement B6. I won't even take p5p right now because I don't know what is going on. Updates? What ended up helping? My neuropathy is terrible and seems to be increasing.

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