Need a little help please

Sent my questionaire in to the Biobank after being accepted. They also want me to have a neighbor contact them! Because of the stigma of cfs, my neighbors don't have a clue about me. I can sit down for SEVERAL hours and try to educate one of them, if this is something the Biobank has to have to proceed. I would appreciate anyone who has taken this step to PM me about what they might need to know from the neighbor?


Hi Jimbob...I can't offer any help...but wanted you to know that you're not being ignored! (i read your pleas everyday!) I'm baffled...just don't know how to help! so sorry!

jackie (as in day off?!)
Hi Jimbob,

I don't know what Biobank is and I'm not sure why they want to contact your neighbor. I looked for other blog posts and found nothing. Can you explain a little more? And it's possible you would get more response if you started a thread rather than posting this as a blog.
yes starryeyes, the solve cfs biobank in charlotte, N.C., where researchers can go for their studies. I can't find anybody who is in it for info. I put up notices at cfids, xmrv global, wpi and our site and came up empty.
Have you contacted the CFIDS Association and asked this question? There used to be a "contact us" button on their home page, Dr. Vernon is in charge of the biobank, I believe.
I guess it's a moot point now after starting Raltegravir that Biobank never got back to me after I sent in questionaire!

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