NAC pre-cursor to glutathione research for PwME and where to buy

NAC is a precursor to glutathione production in the body. According to my research, most people with ME benefit from taking this supplement and many clinicians believe it is superior to taking glutathione. You can Google it or use Google Scholar and I've posted a few links below to articles that may be of interest. I take 600mg 3x a day, which is the recommended dose for PwME based on my research.

Anyway, I want to share that I found a very good sale on NAC. I have not done business with FreshHealthNutrition in the past so I cannot vouch for them. But its a great sale so I thought I'd give them a try. I spend a small fortune on supplements so wherever I can save is very helpful.

There is a flat rate shipping of 5.95 per order. So I ordered 2 bottles of NOW NAC 600 mg 250 capsule for about $25 + shipping. That's a good price as most website are selling one bottle for ~$18. I sure hope this product is not near expiry date or anything like that. There is a phone number to call customer service but I just threw the dice and ordered.

I'll post in the comments when I receive them and let you know about my experience. BTW NOW brand is a reputable manufacturer of supplements and generally is well-priced.


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