My Visit to Cleveland Clinic: Do Mast Cells Cause ME/CFS?

I recently went to the Cleveland Clinic functional medicine group and consulted with Dr. Alice Prescott. A patient told me that Dr. Prescott helped him a great deal. Dr. Prescott believes that I have MCAS mast cell activation syndrome, which I had suspected but since neither my hematologist or allergist locally are familiar with it I kind of forgot about it. So I was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Prescott brought it up. She ordered test but in the meantime told me to increase my antihistamine, start Quercetin Ascorbate 500-100 2x a day Designs for Health, and Saline wash 2x-3x a day and add 1 drop 5% lugols iodine to the saline wash. She said the AA ascorbic acid that I take is a mass cell stabilizer. She also said to read Dr. Afrin's book “Never Bet Against Occam.”

You can learn about MCAS on the TMS website It seems to be comorbid with ME/CFS and CIRS chronic inflammatory response syndrome. Some physicians believe it may cause ME/CFS. Others believe that mold causes MCAS. You follow the trail: Mold > MCAS > ME/CFS... it is not definitive, just a hypothesis.

Here are useful articles on ME/CFS + MCAS:

And I highly recommend reading this one:

Also within the functional medicine group, I have an RD who put me on an elimination diet, and I have a health coach who is an RD.

The Cleveland Clinic Functional Medicine Group takes insurance!!!! I have not found a single FMD who does, so yeah for me! After the initial visit in person I can do Skype-like virtual visits. These are not covered by my insurance but they certainly are convenient. The health coach is FREE and I Skype with her once a week!
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