My types of crashes and how to treat each one.

It has been a rough week. I didn't get my usual rest on the weekend and got gluten back on diet for a bit so now I am not sure what is the real culprit, I will Go gluten free again and see what happens. I was testing back up adding it back and see if I felt difference.

Overall I feel better without the gluten. The only thing I struggle to eat and I am without appetite so that was a down side. But I can do with less pounds just the vitamin worry me, so this time I will make sure everything I ingest has super vitamine so I don't go backwards.

I have crash a few times. I think I am starting to find reason for Crashes and the way to combat them.

1) Low potassium: Generally I wake up tired and my tongue is Really white, as soon as I start waking up with some white tongue I know I need to increase potassium and that avoids bad crash.

2) Overdo, Heat, Excercise: All I can do for this one is rest and wait it out. This usually is more a POTs crash and is just different I think than regular crashes. I know they are coming because I get a very particular dizzy feeling. Sometimes alkalized water helps with the pain that comes afterwards. Reduce activity, only walk 10min or 20 to avoid pain. Drink electrolyte and rest, add naps back to routine.

3) Inflammation: This one is very different, It always starts with pressure in the head. I feel a balloon like being inflated in the brain, some burning in head or spine. Sometimes I get drainage from ear while sleeping . This is the most brutal of all. It wipes me out for more than a week. I am learning to take Advil with this one (then it shortens the down time). And I do feel so much better afterwards. Takes the longest to recover from and I have to cut down A LOT on activity. I wish I know what brings this one on.

Not doing so good, which is bad with travel coming up.


Pressure in the head and drainage out of the ear is highly suggestive of intracranial pressure (ICP). You should probably see a good neurologist who might prescribe a diuretic like diamox for this problem. Call around and look for neurologist who is familiar with this problem and has treated patients for ICP in the past.
curious about how you made the connection between the white tongue and needing potassium. I have been doing some research on cell salts and one of the indications for a white tongue is deficiency in potassium chloride.
when I got white tongue I did two things and it always went away, One was drink kefir and the other was Pedialyte (electrolyte drink) because is my go to thing when I crash, then I notice when I didn't drink the kefir it would go away too (slowly everyday got less white patches and less) then I experimented and narrow it down to that. I experiment A LOT to see what causes what and what makes what better. Sometimes more luck than others.
Hugo, I am thinking the same but I am not sure how that work w the retaining water because of the POTs. What I am doing now is to lay off the salt or electrolytes and that seems to calm it all down, is a balance for me if I am low in hydration I get POTsy if I go to high I get ICP.
White tongue can also be a symptom of intestinal parasites. Maybe do a parasite cleanse and see if that helps. That may be why the kefir seemed to improve things for you.

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