My test Results

Viral reactivation: ParvoVirus, Coaksakie, Roseola.

b cells results: 21 Range: 8-18 High

NK CD3-CD56+ results:1.27 Range: 5-16 Low

CD5+ results:67 Range: 68-82 Low

CD5+CD19+ results:0.78 Range: 1-9 Low

CD8+CD95+ results:1.46 Range: 10-22 Low

CD4+CD38+ results:30 Range: 0-6 High

CD8+CD38+ results:6 Range: 10-26 Low

CD8+CD28+ results:15 Range: 0-7 High

CD2+CD26+ results:33 Range: 38-60 Low


Hi Inester, i dont have any knowledge about what these tests mean or what they are for (immune function?) but it can be good to at least SEE the things that are going on in your body and PROOF that you are sick to show others. Are you going to go down the antiviral route?
All the best, Justy.

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