My symptoms

I got Sick 5 Years ago, not sure how I got sick, I think it was gradual onset and cannot remember exactly how or when.

Main symptoms:
FATIGUE (this was the only main symptom for the first 2 years).
PEM or post exhortation malaise.
Muscle pain and join pains.
Flu like malaise.
heart pain like muscle spasm.
Sleep (falling sleep and do not get into stage 4 sleep)
After 3 years developed elevated heart rate. Goes over 120 upon standing. RHR=92.
Brain fog, memory and word retrieval issues. All kind of neuro like issues: tingling, numbness, sometimes don't understand what somebody just told me.
loose bowels or explosive.


You may find it all changes again with like a new symptom complex. Ive gone throu about 3-4 different stages with this illness.

Things like MCS and food intollerences in many of us develop later. Fingers crossed you wont find you develop these next.

The elevated heart rate when standing is POTS. In my case my POTS has changed to orthostatic hypertension on occassions (I swing into POTS or hypertension on standing) but after a length of this illness for quite a while, I just had the POTS.

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