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My Super Power Makes Me Ironic Girl!

My food sensitivities are finally catching up to me. A few weeks ago, I felt my throat close up after eating pumpkin seeds. I know that food category can be a little weird for people, so I didn't think much of it, until last night, when my throat started to close after eating a spirulina bar, then realizing I had also gotten a reaction from salmon & avocado. PUMPKIN SEEDS, SALMON, SPIRULINA, & AVOCADO! I'm allergic to the flippin' super foods!!! My super powers make me Ironic Girl!

Sorry, boys, I have some girl news, which includes strange cervical changes for the second time in a row (never in my life have I had this), & I am obviously wondering why. The detox? I did 2 teaspoons of Asain goo & snuck in a lactoferrin. I only ate cilantro in my salad, I didn't juice a fist full with an apple.

So, if I cross-list my food allergies with the candida diet with the blood type diet with the probable food sensitivities with a stone age diet with a raw food diet, I can eat...McDonald's?

Today revved up to an 8 (!) w/o the help of Glutathione (sometimes I just don't have the childcare). I only got brain-foggy at 5:00, & tired, like my normal tired level 4. Today I ate lots of chicken sausage (sorry, vegans!) & nothing I ate yesterday (narry a rice cracker, rice etc.), except for the coffee & milk. A food rotation might work if I didn't have children to also feed: "I took a bite of carrot before handing it to them, forgetting the carrot in my special soup last night!" & on & on. I guess I probably wasn't detoxing today. I even forgot to skin brush. But it always makes me hopeful. I know a girl who went to live on an organic farm & nutrition cured her debilitating fibromyalgia. Something tells me I'm missing that super power.


HA! enjoyed reading that. I had super powers when it came to food as well. Had that closing of the throat thing on many occasions!!

I'm surprised your nervous system can handle coffee!!

Cilantro..powerful stuff.

I really think you should eat anything your able to tolerate, whatever food that may be, especially lots of protein.

Heck, what do I know, certainly can't comment on the girl thing :)

Really like the sense of humor, that's important in helping us get through these days sometimes!


you poor thing.

I live on "superfoods" (except for oats which give me hives).

In fact, in an effort to cut costs in my frugal food budget, I summarised everything I'd ever read about diet, nutrition, Paleo diet (which I like), dairy & grain sensitivities, low carb, low sugar, high omega 3 & so on. I cross referenced all the internet sites on "superfoods", top 20 foods, top 10 foods & so on.

I ended up with a list of fresh, organic, high-protein/low carb, low sugar.....but mainly, what most people call "superfoods"!

Couldn't survive without them.

(& of course a few chocolate biscuits which I'm trying to give up).

I also take a few tried & tested vitamins/calcium/herbs etc.

Victoria, How wonderful that you found a menu! I'd love to hear about the Paleo diet! My 2 cents: don't stop eating the chocolate biscuits!

Will send you (& everyone else who may be interested in food as medicine) my "diet" soon.

My home computer arrived yesterday & I hope to get connected to the internet soon.

In the meantime, start off with the principle guide, that you cut out all processed food ie only eat fresh.

With children and/or spouse, this can be really, really difficult. In general, most of us have taste buds geared towards high salt, additives/preservatives & artificial colourings & flavourings.

I have reacted to artificial stuff for over 20 years (way before I was diagnosed with IBS & FM), so in general, my diet has been mainly fresh for a long time.

So your first step, (if you don't already eat this way), is to convert your family to eating fresh fruit, vegetables, low fat meat, fish & so on. and try to source organic & free-range eggs if possible. Not eggs from chickens which are fed antibiotics & growth hormones which you buy in a supermarket.

If organic is too expensive, cutting out all the other processed food will give you some extra money to put towards organic.

Try & make your weekly diet a balance of meat, fish, eggs & maybe a couple of vegetariam meals for proteins. Depends on what you can eat. I had to give up lentils & beans (such as kidney, cannelloni & borlotti beans) a few years ago - too much bowel pain & fibre for my IBS).

But start slowly.

Change a few meals each week to start. Try and cut out anything "white" ie white flour, pasta/spaghetti, white sugar & cut back on salt in your cooking.


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