My stupid body.................

Been a while since I have been on here........and so much more of my body has broken!

I presently have an MS type virus, CFS, Lymphocytic Colitis, Tachycardia (caused apparently by a 'virus'), light sensitivity and now my latest lurgy is Gastroparesis...............I had Epstein Barr Virus as a teenager and I developed Coeliac as an adult.

I managed with the MS virus by using a crutch, buying an automatic car, using a wheelchair when necessary and drastically limiting my daily activities............I found a 'wonder pill' for my CFS, that gave me a new lease on life..............I found a way to deal with going to the loo 40-60 times a day with the colitis...............Hell! I even found a way to have a life with my heart beating more than 100 beats too fast a minute!! But my latest affliction is proving rather difficult to live with. I do not have a slow to empty stomach.............I have one which simply doesn't unless it is kick started by something. I can drink very two pieces of Parma ham every few days...........and well, after a month of this.............I'm just plain out of energy!

Anyone else with such a vast list of ailments? Any pearls of wisdom.................I could really do with some now!


I had/have EBV and very curious what was the "Wonder pill" that helped your CFS? I am sorry to hear about your latest issues and wish you the best moving forward.
Sorry to hear about your symptoms, yes a lot to deal with. I have CFS and a pesky recurring EBV (Epstein Barr Virus) infection. When I was younger I drank a pretty good clip, now I have all but stopped. If I have any alcohol at all it will usually send me into a 2 week flare up of pain strong enough to bring me to tears. I definitely get Brain Fog, Painful Joints over my whole body, insomnia, irritability and intermittent fevers/ flu like symptoms. I have just started LDN therapy I will post on some of my experiences though I am only on day 3 of taking it. Years ago I was in a long term bout of depression, and I am dead set against using pharma drugs. I self treated. I found that St Johns really helped, wasn't a cure but it helped. Perika brand worked best and I do find a difference between brands. Then I stopped taking after a number of years and I found my insomnia to be severely agitated. I started a year later on 1 st. johns a day and found it has eliminated my insomnia, which I continue to take now. One thing that totally eliminated my body pain, gave me more energy and helped diminish my brain fog was L-Tyrosine. I used it for a number of years and really helped eliminate those symptoms, unfortunately the L-Tyrosine exacerbated my irritability and insomnia which got to the point where I discontinued. L-Tyrosine 500mg early in the day, you can see if it helps with you , perhaps you will not experience the side effects that I did. I am going to see how the LDN goes, the other one to try that is high on my list is Nexavir - listed on this site. AND YES, WHAT IS THE WONDER PILL YOU FOUND FOR CFS???

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