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Hello Terri! :D

Nice to see you writing! I really have enjoyed going back through your other blog posts here this morning.

I hope you are doing well Terri. :) Big hugs, Lisa


Yay for blog love! :D

I'm really happy to hear you enjoy reading mine too. hehe

More hugs! Lisa
So glad you "came out of the closet" to share your story- it is inspiring me to do more. It never ceases to amaze me how this insidious disease attacks the most successful, entrepreneural, "A-type" personalities. It just doesn't seem "fair." I mean, I have an "Uncle Mike" I'll call him who never worked a full day in his life, drinks like a fish, smokes, and his Doctor says he's healthier than a collegiate athlete. Go figure! Here's the thing I tell myself as a business owner who has gone through similar things---the money today is wisely me. I can always do another business and make the money back, as long as I can recover. As Peter Falk said in the original "In-Laws" movie, "The secret to the benefit program is staying alive."

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