My Story of Hope Recovering from CFS

Almost thirteen years ago I contracted CFS and am now writing this comment in hope of helping others by sharing my experience in overcoming it.
CFS began, for me, with almost an entire month in bed thinking at first I had a very persistent flu. It was significantly different from past flus in many ways, however. I had feverish nights where I thought I had “sweated” out the flu but when I got up the next day I didn’t feel better. With past flus I often had high fevers which “broke” leaving me feeling better the next day. This was different. I really didn’t improve much, felt very weak and achy. After two weeks I went to a physician who prescribed an intensive course of antibiotics that didn’t help me.
After a month I returned to work thinking I would just “tough” it out. I couldn’t maintain a normal body temperature. I was continually weak. Also I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing and there seemed to be a fog in my brain. My nerves were fragile, I couldn’t watch TV or even read a book. If I strained or “pushed” myself my condition got worse.
The nighttime experience of CFS was not only physically but psychologically torturous. On the best of nights I would sleep lightly and fitfully. Most nights however were punctuated by night sweats. I would sleep for two hours and wake up bathed in sweat, as if I had just run a marathon in bed. I would have to change clothes and sheets in order to get another 2 hours of sleep and do the same thing over again.
On top of the low energy levels, the poor concentration, the frail nervous system, the “relapse” roller coaster and the night sweats there was the digestive problems. Most of what I considered normal foods made me feel worse within an hour after eaten.
I suffered with CFS for more than 3 years trying many treatments. At first I went from one allopathic doctor to the next hoping for answers. They all had different types of drug therapy to help my condition. Sometimes these drugs worked for a day, sometimes a week, before they stopped working. All had significant side effects. The third physician insisted that it was all psychological and that I didn’t have any actual medical condition. This was in the year 2000 before CFS was not widely known in the medical world. He insisted I see a therapist to get cured. I was desperate and so I went to a therapist for 3 months. She said I definitely had a physical ailment. I then moved on to Chinese medicine and acupuncture which also didn’t seem to help. I continued to try herbal medicines and dietary improvements for the next year which helped somewhat but seemed far from promising a cure.
Almost three years after first contracting CFS I got lucky. I was in a used bookstore searching the shelves for alternative therapies for CFS. I picked up a book written and published in the UK that was written by a man who had the identical symptoms I had. He had taken it upon himself to find a cure, not just for himself but for others as well. He was independently wealthy and tried every known treatment at the time, undergoing rigorous blood testing and other diagnostic exams all the while.
The book was mostly about the failures of different treatments but he found something that was so immediately curative that he began to write this book before he had even finished the newly discovered treatment.
This author introduced me to the miracle of The Gerson Therapy and recommended it to every CFS sufferer after he had done extensive medical research on its premises and found them sound. I immediately contacted the Gerson Therapy foundation located in San Diego California and started to personally investigate their literature and the medical claims they made. After buying and reading three college level texts on human and molecular biology I was convinced that The Gerson Therapy could work.
I saved up money and began the Gerson Therapy in April of 2003. Nine months later I was not only fully cured of CFS but I was restored to the vigorous health I had experienced in my young twenties. Ten years later I can say without exaggeration that my health continues to astonish me. I am still healthier than I ever dreamed possible. The Gerson Therapy not only cured me of CFS but opened up a whole new level of physical and psychological health that I didn’t know existed prior. I only want to share the joy and appreciation of good health that has developed in my life after being healed of CFS.
Please contact me directly if you have any questions or doubts: Blessings and Health to You! Kilaya


Im always skeptical when some who has a history of 1 post on PR and then claims to have recovered but then wont elaborate on this unless emailed etc. I hope im wrong but seen it many times before.
If its truly helpful then why not post more info on it like all of us do when we find something that helps us. What concerns me is that someone will email you and then be charged a fee for this info.
A quick look on google and it appears to be very similar to a juice fast type treatments, although i will admitt i dont know much about it. But the website im looking at mentions healing cancer, arthritis and other chronic diseases, my warnings signs have gone off.
I'm really happy you found an answer, Kilaya! Best to you!

Most on here haven't found their puzzle piece yet, and it's different for everyone. Until we know the underlying "grid" we won't fully understand why some puzzle pieces work for some and not for others. The key always has to fit the lock! I also believe that the order of therapies has to be just right to rebalance the system, and all bets are off at any time until everything is in place for a loooong time.
Just googled Gerson therapy... it would leave me too sick to get out of bed. I need animal protein and have almost no tolerance for fruits, let alone juices from either vegetables or fruits. It would be total carb overload.

I think Gerson would "work" by pH balancing, detoxing, and being the appropriate diet for a person's own metabolic profile. I agree with all three in theory. When it doesn't match the metabolic profile, though, it would be disaster. Most of my progress is based on pH balancing and detoxing, and there are actually many ways to accomplish both.
I tried to follow the protocol. Even did the coffee enemas. Fun fun. Maybe I gave up to quickly. When you don't feel well, it's difficult to juice 12 times a day and prepare everything. I believe in the therapy, I still juice and do the enemas however not to the extent Gerson suggests. The enemas cleanse the liver which I think is really benefical.

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