My questions to a doctor in denial

I'm fortunate to have met and talked to hundreds of patients with ME and FM and they are fine people who often struggle to survive. Drug addicts are better treated than they are. Some of them have cancer now, others died after euthanasia. Do you think their doctors would practise this if the cure could be as simple as psychotherapy and some walking around the block? Have you ever spent a minute on the website to read the medical experiences and backgrounds of these people? Have you been at the colloquia organised by the IACFS? Have you ever read their reports? Can you explain me why thousands of research documents contradict your words? Did you know that chronic back pain is often caused by a lack of vitamine D and/or chronic borreliose? Did you now that fibromyalgia can be caused by lack of iodide on the receptors in the tissues and an allergy to gluten, mais, milk, ...? Did you know that people with neurotoxic syndromes such as ME and FM are bad detoxifiers (apolipoprotein E)? Did you know that 80% of the ME sufferers had migraine in the years before they became ill? Did you know migraine is a mitochondrial disease? Did you know that mothers with ME have more often autistic children? Did you know that a lot of children and teenagers were bedridden after a vaccin, flu or EBV infection and never recovered? Did you know they often can never go to school again and finish their studies even if they were brilliant students like my cousin who was admitted at the university at the age of 16 twenty years ago? (She is still in a wheelchair and unable to speak normally.) Did you know that entire families are bedridden and/or housebound? Did you know that a lot of ME patients develop auto-immune diseases as well? Did you know that people with ME and FM die in general 25 years earlier than the average population? Did you know that chronic illnesses are linked to low endorphine states and that includes infertility? Did you know that low dose naltrexone improves the condition of chronic patients? Did you know that doctors like you first ignore the words of the patients and then give the wrong treatment to chronic patients and therefore are responsible for their needless suffering? Did you know that millions of dollars have been spend on psycho research already? Did you know the most prominent defenders of psycho treatment (psychiatrists) are boardmembers of insurance companies and are funded by governments who would do anything not to have this illness recognised as a medical fact?
I could go on and on.
Did you know that you mix up illness due to unresolved fears and trauma's with ME and FM? Did you know that your reality is just what you learned at school but has nothing to do with the reality of the sufferers?


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