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Sorry but my story is too long to write out - point form will be less painful for everyone:
As a child exposed to mercury on the farm (used in sprays)
Grade 3 personality change and shift towards ADD
High school shift to early Bipolar symptoms
By 1997 = Brittle Rapid-Cycling Bipolar II - Mixed States
By 2001 5 hospitalizations, ECT, Treatment Program
2007 - deterioration - however all meds tried by this time. I adopted the belief that Bipolar was a symptom
of and underlying biochemical disturbance.
Decided that I had to take over control of my own care.
2010 Many ups and downs with natural approaches. Over the years I had reported to many Drs about my
exposures to heavy metals but none were concerned. I tested off the scale for mercury.
Tested low for dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin.
Jan 2011 Amalgams removed and endocrine crash.
Mar 2011 On thyroid meds and hydrocortisone. ME/CFS. Chelating mercury. Need help to stand some days.
Bipolar cycling stopped with thyroid meds but was replaced by the type of depression those with
ME have.
Sept 2011 Diagnosed with Hyperplastic Polyposis
Dec 2011 Saw about 20 Drs. Oncologist, 2 surgeons psychiatrist, allergist, dermatologist, 2 GPS, 2 Integrated
Drs, 2 occupational health Drs and so on.
Returned to work sick as had been denied benefits and was broke.
Mar 2012 Forced to run at work. In emergency department x 3 hours.
July 2012 Sent home from work. "Incapable" after mental collapse when forced to stand
Diagnosed with CCSVI.
Told by someone on-line that I had "methylation problems"
Aug 2012 Responded to mB12 and mfolate. ME depression lifts.
Sept 2012 Returned to work. Started on mB12 injectable twice weekly. Predicted that I would be c677t
or 677/1298 and that there would be MTRR
Oct 2012 Offered "lead hand" position by person who sent me home in July
Mar 2013 sent 23andme
Apr 2013 Colon removed. Ileorectal anastomosis. Saw my 26th Dr since 2010 - geneticist
June 2013 Confirmed C677T, MTRR x2 and more importantly TCN2. Increased to mB12 injections daily.
Sept 2013 Started adb12
Oct 2013 Started DHEA, pregnenolone, testosterone. Adrenals permanently damaged and can not be recovered.


omg u have been through the ringer.
hope u start to feel better soon, as u know its all a work in progress with most of us.
u still use hydrocortisone than? Hopefully replacing and balancing all your hormones increases your level of function.

Bipolar, CFS and Hyperplastic Polyposis all have "low glutathione" theories. Rich would have said that it also contributes to a greater need for mB12. I used to think that I took a lot until I read what Fredd required.
I will be on hydrocortisone the rest of my life. Chronic exposure to mercury can permanently damage adrenal glands. It is the least of my concerns. My number one is brain-fog.
Hi Strider, I hope your are doing better, seeing what u have been thru, I feel bad asking for advice.

Would it be possible if you could email me at

Here are are some of my symptoms, they do not all happen at once, I wrote them down as I experienced them.

They have been present for 4 months, just started Kalish Protocol for adrenal fatigue, had many trust done as well, not quite as much as most people here.

This morning felt pressure in head and ears almost a constant vibration or numbness tingles at times, this is also present top of head and back of neck, like a band or tension, this causes a feeling of dissociation, de realization or depersonalization.
This feeling is very present and I know when I feel like this as I feel very unhappy with no emotions the world turns gray, this can happen all of a sudden, can last for hours, or may have a day without it. The scariest feeling on earth.

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