My Path - part 2

I am this only one who really gets me. I asked for a testosterone level and it turned out to be low. The Dr also decided to put me on DHEA and pregnenolone. These two seem to give me fatigue symptoms. I had the worst day in 15 months on Saturday.

This whole experience is quite humbling. Trying to wrap my mind around these complex biochemical processes - Kreb's, the ETC, methylation, sulphation, genetic variants, and the whole gut thing....sometimes I understand how a fly must feel when it tries to grasp the concept of Canada. I am not a stupid guy but some days I have to remind myself of that.

There is genius in my family but it missed me. Perhaps the mercury and metabolic problems made my brain a poor receptacle. What I am is a "dot connector". This is an almost autistic ability to perceive associations between things that might otherwise appear to be unrelated.
I also have by luck or skill managed to pick my way through the minefield of false information on the web. There have been relatively few "dead-ends" on my journey. Most of the people on PR have been able to do the same.

I am a lazy guy. When it came to chelating mercury I followed the maxim, "find the smartest person who has had success with what you want to do...and do what they did". So, I followed the Cutler Protocol and even with the difficulties that I experienced, I believe that I made the best choice.
There is no one on CR to copy. I have not identified any "kindred spirits" people who are on the same path. The need for mB12 and mfolate is shared but not the rest.

For me, anything that increases cellular/mitochondrial function will lead to problems in hours to a couple of days. D-ribose, carnitine, Q10....and now we can add DHEA and pregnenolone to the list. When I took them my first response was increased energy followed by a crash. Just like CoQ10 in 2007 that confirmed for me that Bipolar Disorder was a symptom and not an illness....a sign that a biochemical solution would be needed.

I have made huge gains in the past 18 months and I should take pride in what I have accomplished but instead I only see the path forward. I am totally focussed on the quality of thought and I will never stop fighting the fog. Never, ever.


LOL stridor I am also a dot-connector. Lets connect these dots and find the bigger picture. And yeah, I do also look for the most succesful people and try to copy. Is not that we are stupid or lazy, we are just desperate and weak by various reasons.

I am about to try ADRENergize for adrenals (and eventually will do the wilson protocol). My preg, DHEA cortisol and on and on are all very low. In the past taking artifical DHEA and Preg made me slightly dizzy and didnt help shit. Plus they can and usually do increase estrogen or create other imbalances.
Yeah, I have the guy breast cancer gene because I can't clear estrogen so I guess I was suspect about DHEA especially. Good luck with the adrenals. I did all the supplements and supports and a pile of IV treatments and even though I am still paying for that, I have no regrets. In order to have any peace I needed to know that I threw all resources available at the problem. I am not left wondering. My adrenals are done.
My NLP trainer who made it big helping big businesses increase their capital growth.. always said he was lazy and that all that meant was finding the shortest way to a solution. :)
I don't think you had much choice on the lazy front.. neither did I, genetically or hereditarily and yet the things I prioritise over the years, not over short periods have time have shown I'm hardworking in areas I can be. Like you with your health hey.
I hate that most supplements rev me up too. Its difficult to come down. I had a big psych session yesterday with EMDR and ended up having a small chocolate which kept me high all day. Today, every noise is like a nail in the coffin in my head. Jars the crap out of me.
I'm not sure at what dosage you started your pregnenolone and DHEA, but a general rule of thumb with ME/CFS patients is to start at a low dosage and work your way up slowly. It has been noted on other forums that oral pregnenolone can be metabolized incorrectly and it ends up as a substance similar to a benzodiazepine. Many people use a transdermal pregnenolone or if an oral needs to be the way, then it should be a "micronized" version which supposedly is not processed into anything else in the liver. I don't quite understand the "micronized" theory. You might consider starting with the pregnenolone only and see if it processes into raising your DHEA levels and how much. Starting a high dose of pregnenolone and a high dose of DHEA could be a little too much for our HPA axis.

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