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Modern clean interfaces cause me perceptual problems because I find it hard to tell where the webpage ends and the browser begins.

I could describe my odyssey with browsers, but instead I'll jump to the bottom line. I started using Vivaldi browser a few days ago. It allows me to change colors so I don't have a gray browser blending with all the gray websites. In fact, I got rid of all the gray. Its now a dark tan shade. And Vivaldi allows me to increase the contrast of the interface by changing the color balance. And this makes it a bit easier too.

It also does a lot of other things that have led to good comments around the Internet. But the main thing for me is it's easier to use. Well, except I can't say I'm crazy about the font rendering. It seems not quite as good as Firefox. But not enough to keep me away.


That's interesting, I used to use the Opera browser before it changed to appeal more to mobile and tablet users.

If you want a backup option, I see that vivaldi can use chrome extensions, so you might like to try . It strips the webpage down to text, and you can customize how you want the page to look, light or dark theme, size of fonts, spacing etc. It saves your preferences and then you can launch it with a keyboard shortcut.
I found something else helpful. Vivaldi can zoom its own interface. With this, everything in the interface becomes larger (icons, titles, menu bars, text, etc). I'm not talking about zooming the webpage (which is can also do), I mean it can zoom everything other than the webpage.

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