my multipurpose printer

I got one of those printers that also copies, faxes, and scans. This has made my life so much easier. For example, when my doctor got my biopsy results he called me and then faxed them to me right away. I called the place that has the samples and asked them to fax me a form so I could request they send them out for a second opinion. They faxed me the form and I scanned it to PDF. I then filled out the form on my computer (it's hard for me to write these days), printed it out, and faxed it back. When the second opinion place issued their report, they faxed it to me, and right away I faxed it to my urologist with a message to call me. He did, and we discussed what to do. I then faxed it to two other doctors who are involved in my cancer care, plus my primary care doctor.

What used to take days now takes minutes!!!


Another cool thing. Because this device is also a copier I make copies of my lab results and file the original in my file box. I put the photocopy in the bag I always take to doctor appointments. This way I can pull out whatever I need to show to any doctor. And sometimes I have to pull this out even if they already have a copy, because they can'f figure out how to pull it up on the computer terminal in the exam room. And then they just give up and won't call someone in to help them. And because I cannot change this, I find it better to just have as much as possible with me.

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