My Mitochondria results

Well I have tested positive for all sorts of problems with my Mitochondria function. Great to have some explanations for my strange symptoms of sickness at last. I even told my Mum 'it was the best news I'd had in my entire life'. Dr Myhill sent us (and my GP) a letter explaining it all but its long and very complicated. I haven't even started reading it yet as reading isn't my strong point atm. However I will start by researching the basic facts about the Mitochondria and slowly build the picture up

One book that looks particularly set to help me with this is 'The biology coloring book'. It has several pages on its structure, how it works, the krebs cycle, etc. Interestingly the anatomy coloring book hasn't half as much info. Perhaps that explains why Drs generally know little about it?

You can buy it from Amazon


Hi Rosa, if you want a hand interpreting or understanding the reults im happy to help. I had mine done with Dr M too and it took me ages to try and understand it all. It would be interesting to see what your results were.
I agree that ironically its good news for us to see things are really wrong.
Take care, Justy.

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