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my latest sleep aid (doxylamine succinate)

Like many of you, I find it very hard to sleep. In the morning I felt like I got only 1 hour of sleep. But that changed when I started taking prescription sleeping pills and melatonin. With that combination there were many nights I felt like I got real sleep and enough sleep.

For the last few months this has become less and less effective. So I added Doxylamine succinate. And it has been helping. This an antihistamine that is sold over-the-counter as a sleep aid in products like Kirkland Seep Aid (which is what I use) and Unisom. But I have to say though, it leaves a bit of a groggy handover.
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take care Andrew. As far as Im aware ones body can get used to Doxylamine succinate so that the dosage of it becomes no longer affective. For this reason it is better to not use it all the time and rather rotate what you take for sleep.

are the sleeping pills benzo class drugs? (I use a combo of Dosylamine succinate, melatonin and Tempazapam at times
also if the Doxylamine succinate it is leaving you groggy, try a smaller doses. Some of the pills for this can be 10 times what is needed (I crumble my pill to take a crumb)
I'm alternating Eszopiclone and Temazepam every two days. I'm thinking it should be more days though. I take melatonin with both of them. I also have Doxepin that the doctor told me I can add onto the other ones. The Doxylamine was my attempt to not rely on Doxepin.
When kolonopin stopped working i took doxylamine succinate, and its helping a lot.

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