My first detox bath

Last night I was asked to wear the sleep apnea Link test (that measures the oxygen levels) so I did not sleep well.

So I decided to try detox bath for the first time. I used 1 pound Epsom salt, 1 pound Baking Soda and 1t of Ginger. I was suppose to be in for 40min.

Well I am one of those that do not sweat not even in a sauna or exercising (when I could do it hard), but the bath got me perspiring. I felt dreadful and POTsy, I think next time I will make sure to put ice on the forehead. Overall, I liked it. My skin feels soft and overall It felt good (after I got out). I will try this for 10 days and see what happens. I will spice up the baths recipe, I got eucalyptus and lavender oil.

I am having trouble with appetite, I have skipped lunch 2 days in a row now. Only having a banana so I can take the medicine. Not sure what that is about.


I've been wanting to try those salt baths for a couple of years now, never got around to it.
I just bought the stuff when doing the groceries, All you need is Epsom salt, or sea salt, baking soda!!! I will let you know if it does anything, I am craving another so it must be good for me.

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