My experience with Savella and Flourinef.

Since my doctor diagnosed me with a combo CFS/FIBRO/Orthostatic we've been doing the 'throw everything but the kitchen sink' method drug wise..But happily enough these two drugs seem to be helpful. He also wanted me on Provigil, but like most know, insurance agencies aren't up for that 'kitchen sink' method and denied me flat.
Before taking the Savella(Fibro drug) i had Parkinson like tremors in my hands, and muscle spasms in my legs that kept me up all night and made typing and reading ridiculous. Since taking it its steadied out my nerves/muscles wonderfully! I still get the shakes if overly tired, but if I watch it, its definitely helping.
While I hate taking steroids, the Fludrocortisone is really helping. It cuts down the dizziness and vertigo by miles, though i still can't drive yet(-sighsigh-).

Unfortunately i had been feeling so much better after a month or two of being on the combo drugs, that I got it in my mind to test my limits. After one day of helping my roommate mow the lawn(I know..reallly stupid idea) with a pushmower, and then another day of running around and doing errands and walking through the grocery store without my wheelchair(also a stupid idea), THEN another day of packing and cleaning without proper rest..I've ran myself thoroughly into the ground and am fighting to stay awake with all that's in me. I can nottt afford to relapse and be back in bed when i'm moving in two weeks, my roommate/care taker just got a full time job, and we got a new puppy. Way too much on my plate to be in bed! Hopefully if i rest a week i can be up and at least able to finish packing, but still quite nervous about being alone in our house for 8 hours a day taking care of the two dogs and myself while my bestie is at work @x@. The nerves and apprehension aren't doing much to help, but I'm a worrier, haha.

I was going to do the Alcat testing, but the complete package testing is 1k..and that's a serious chunk of change! So that's going to have to wait, sigh sigh some more. So now I'm trying to find natural ways to get some energy going and to find ways to quell my stomach problems that keep flooring me at every turn.
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The insurance company’s denial of Provigil may have been a blessing in disguise. It often has a ‘whipping a tired horse’ effect on people with ME. At first you have a burst of energy, then you collapse.

Good luck with your move and on your quest for better health.

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