My experience with panax ginseng

I wanted to try a new supplement to stimulate the bloodcirculation as well as my brain. A therapist in plants and herbs had recommended me asian panax ginseng. The siberian ginseng was a no go.

Two days later I was blessed with an acute attack of rheumatoid arthritis in my hand. First, a miserable night in which every cell of my body ached as if I was lying in barbed wire. The next morning my fingers were swollen with thick veins, a few hours later I was bedridden with a flu attack. Then my fingers were very painful and stiff for some days.
It feels better now.

So, for those who want to stimulate their immune system, go for panax ginseng.

But if you're sure that you suffer from Crohn's disease or lupus, stay away from it!


Hi Marlene, I got a really good response from siberian gingseng once, but only from one specific bottle. I bought some more with no effect. I wonder if it was just a case of temporary improvement, or if quality is an issue. Quality is certainly an issue with ginseng - I have even tried wild ginseng, though I never noticed a benefit. Bye, Alex

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