My dry cough is back.

I think it's from sugar or dairy, even though they are organic. I also blame dairy for a general dry stuffiness in my sinuses and nose. I really need the protein, fat, and calories so I am disappointed. I will do some more diet changes in a month.


Dairy is the worst for mucus production. I have been told this over and over again. It causes major allergies or just mucus. Try and lay off of it. Can you eat other forms of protein or are you a vegetarian?
When I stopped dairy it was because of allergies. I went about 6 months without, but I would cheat and have it about 3 days a month. Now I'm not getting mucus, I am getting dryness especially throat, leading to the cough. It may not be the sugar or dairy. It may be some other additive that is in this yogurt. I hope so. It could also be seasonal. I hope not.

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