my disclaimer

My (slightly famous) disclaimer

Why I post: I post here with this level of transparency to help others on the path who might benefit from my experiences, as I was similarly helped when I began methylation work in 2014. However, my knowledge of the biochemistry of methylation has a ways to go and many people here know many things I don't. I don't claim any expertise.

As for my protocol, it seems to be working for me, for now, but it may not work for you. There are great variances between people's needs, bodies, minds, and reactions to methylation work, due to genetics, history, age, damage, illness, and any number of other factors medical science has yet to put its grubby little fingers on. For example, I know someone with similar methylation genetics who has quite different symptoms.

My advice to you, if you want it -- however it is you choose to work on your system -- is this: keep a log, review it often, and have courage; some of us here are healing dramatically from this work, and you might, too.

YYMV: To say "your mileage may vary" is an understatement, and this is one of the reasons I opted to follow Freddd's protocol, because it is more oriented toward how my system actually responds than theories that might explain the majority response, which tends not to include my body. Medical research often shortchanges us outliers.

Methylation theory is only about 10 years old - an eyeblink for medical science and research - so most doctors don't know much about it, and even methylation experts disagree. I do not have all the answers, and advise you take with a grain of salt the advice of anyone who tells you they do. On the plus side, every doctor I have consulted with has assured me that methylation work and the supplements involved are pretty safe and it's hard to go far wrong. I don't know that I agree with that, but I do know this does not mean one will not have have rocky reactions -- I sure did.

I was desperate. Getting better -- any better at all -- was and continues to be critically important to me. I was willing to go through whatever it took to get there. Yes, I was scared. Yes I took risks.

Yes, it's working. For me.


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