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My Detox Story: Coffee Enemas.

Today's the day, June 24, 2014,, to start a blog. I've been debating whether to use this format for months. Suddenly the moment came when it became obvious. It's not that what I have to say is so extraordinary or different. But I find myself posting the same responses over and over, and have been wanting to consolidate the practices that have created such wonderful healing results for me over the past 2.5 years.

Not sure whether this is going to be a document dump in the first instance, or a bit more nuanced... so I'll just get started.;)

And of course the place I'm starting is what has proven to be core to my story: Coffee Enemas. I've been consolidating responses I've made here at pr and on GAPS forums. I'm just going to copy my collected wisdom :nerd::D and paste it all here. Which means there are repetitions.

Next edition: Footbaths and Biofilm Busters:whistle::balloons:

March 2014 I’ve developed a protocol for enemas which is really working. You don’t need to be on GAPS to have the enemas work...your response suggests it worked, released toxins.

Here’s something from Natasha Campbell-McBride:

There are many anti-parasitic natural supplements on the market which can help: garlic extract, olive leaf extract, oregano oil and grapefruit seed extract. The first supplement, which I find useful, is garlic extract. Always start from a small dose and gradually increasing it. The dose can be increased to quite large amounts: some adults take 5-10 grams every day, for a child 500mg – 1 gram with food is usually enough. Once garlic is well tolerated, olive leaf extract can be added, starting from a small dose and gradually increasing to 1-2 grams twice a day for adults; for children 500mg twice a day is usually enough. Once garlic and olive leaf extracts are well tolerated, oregano oil can be added, starting from a small dose (1-5 drops) per day and gradually increasing to 30-40 drops for adults and 5-10 drops for children. The last supplement to add is grapefruit seed extract, starting from 1-2 drops a day and gradually increasing to a dose that is tolerated: adults manage to get up to 10 drops 2-3 times per day, for children 4-5 drops may be enough. There are many brands of these supplements on the market, try to find good quality. Some herbal preparations include MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane), which is a good source of sulphur, essential for detoxification and controlling parasites in the body. If the herbal preparation does not include MSM, you may want to add it to the mix. Start from a low dose and gradually increase to the level of 1-2 grams per day for children and 4-5 grams per day for adults.

My understanding, which could be incorrect, is that it moves things out, especially yeasts or others that are clinging to gut walls. It also has silica, which is good for many things in body. Did I mention olive leaf extract for killing virus, maybe bacteria, too
NCM on DE dosage:
Does diatomaceous earth help with digestive system?

Yes, I would try this supplement to help to reduce the parasite burden. In my experience it seems to be safe for the majority of people and helps to reduce digestive symptoms, particularly reflux, burping and other symptoms of gastritis. It is best to take it on an empty stomach, so first thing in the morning and before meals are good times. I also recommend taking a dose last thing before bed. To avoid die-off start from a small amount (1/3-1/2 of a teaspoon once a day), and then gradually increase to a tablespoons 3-5 times a day for an adult and ½-1 teaspoon for a child (depending on the age), in half acup of water 3-5 times a day.

When I started CEs I was using my former drinking coffee, dark roast. Almost no sleep after! I reduced from 3 Tb to 2 Tb coffee, better. Then I got a light roast. Much better. Now I’ve gone to v light roast, special blend from s.e. Wilson, (http://www.sawilsons.com/) and there are no sleep problems, at 3 Tb. But I’ve now found something significant. I now realize that some of my jitteriness, weird feelings after enemas is due to what’s being released, including histamines and ammonia.

Once I realized I needed to continue with the coffee enemas (CE) at this stage, I followed advice from someone on GAPS forum who does them daily, and has for a long time.

1) I got a larger bucket, so now use 1.5l water, instead of 1l.

2) Start w/ 1 clear water, w/ 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp bicarb (baking soda)

3) Follow w/ 2 coffee enemas, each also with salt, bicarb

4)Finish w/ another clear water to eliminate the toxins you’ve stirred up

To the first and last water enemas I add 1 dropper full of oregano oil to kill bacteria. Surprisingly, this is not irritating. I also add 4 drops colloidal silver, also for bacteria (because I already have this available) and I believe it might help draw out metals.

Also, to the first and last, I add 1 cup chamomile tea and 1 cup linseed/flax ‘tea’ to help soothe the bowel. 1Tb linseed in 2 l water makes a great, slippery solution. Bring it to the boil,, then let sit, then later again I bring it to boil, leave it overnight, then once again boil. I do it this way because when boiled it as I first read, it boiled over and made a mess. When I just boiled it and let sit, it was too thin. this method seems to work perfectly.

I found I felt really bad afterwards: irritable, spacey, toxic. So I now take anti-histamine supps after the 2nd coffee enema, before the last clear water. This means those supps are acting about 45“ earlier than if I waited until after the whole procedure. Royal jelly, quercetin, rutin, butyrate (butyrate for ammonia/sulfur byproduct)

I also add supps to my last water enema, to help with the toxicity, as well as salt, bicarb, oregano oil, silver dropps. These are all supps I use regularly. GABA, glycine (helps detox), glutamine, ornithine (ammonia/sulfur detox), magnesium, potassium, zinc, manganese, selenium (these minerals are all in caps which I empty into water), Vit C, Calcium (Vit C, calcium help move histamines out).

I follow the whole thing up with a footbath, which is how I take my powdered supps. More Vit C, Ca, mg, K+. glutamine, glycine, GABA, grapefruit seed oil, bicarb.

I’ve been doing this routine of 1x water, 2x coffee, 1x water w/ additives 4 days in a row, then take 2 days off. (Feels like a holiday!) Takes 3-4 hours. After watching a youtube vid re making the coffee for Gerson therapy, big users of coffee enemas, I now make my coffee as a concentrate the day before. Boil 2 liters water, pour over 2 cups coffee grounds, stirring to prevent boiling over. Boil 3 minutes, then simmer 20 minutes. When cool, add enough water to bring total back to 2 liters/quarts. Refrigerate, use 1 cup/enema, filling the rest of the volume with water. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=1Ggit4Zhx8s
I strongly suggest you learn to self-test for supp doses. there are a number of youtube vids re muscle-testing for self. I learned my method just as I was falling ill, 10 years ago. I’ve continued with it, so now it’s very trustworthy. This is how I regulate all my supps. Also, it’s now about 5 weeks since I began my 4 days on, 2 days off routine of coffee enemas. For the first time I’ve tested for less anti-histamine supps. My bloating is decreasing. There seems to be some end in sight. whew!

My impression is that because the Wilson’s coffee is more effective, we feel worse afterwards! Nausea sounds like liver congestion. I’ve been very happy with the effectiveness of herb, Chanca Piedra for supporting my liver.I started it when I was having excruciating gall bladder pain, which it resolved almost immediately. After a month on 2/day, I now take 1 daily, never self-test for needing more, even in the midst of detoxxing..

I’ve found I need a LOT of supps in my final, water enema following the 2 coffee enemas plus anti-histamine and anti-ammonia/sulfur supps directly afterwards, as well as follow-up footbaths with clay, charcoal, and more aminos. I’m even now adding chlorella to my water enemas, to help pull out bacteria.

Once I started using a combination of essential oils to disrupt biofilm on my body, that my detox increased, as well as my need for these extra supps. The good news is that I don’t feel awful afterwards, and I’m slowly progressing, now into my 4th month on this regimen. I’ve decreased my thyroid rx, I need less anti-histamines, especially on the days off from enemas, mental clarity slowly improves. So, even if it might looks as if I’m just throwing handsfull of supps down the drain, it’s all part of healing me back into life

April 2014
I was v spacey, irritable, speedy following enemas. Then I read of a person on GAPS forum who’s been doing long term daily CEs. He referred to doing 2 coffee back to back, followed by clear water. This helped a bit. Once I switched to Wilsons coffee and I still felt pretty bad, I reasoned that the 2 things in my life I know affect my brain are histamines and ammonia from sulfur. So I took my supps for those after the whole procedure. A bit better. When I switched to taking the anti-hist supps after the last coffee, before the final water enema, it was better: seems getting those in 45” earlier helped.

I’d have to review my notes to recreate my thought process. But I decided to get creative. I began adding oregano oil to the water enemas, both before and after the coffee. I use self-testing, body liked this. I’ve taken glycine for many years, but didn’t understand until watching Dietrich Klinghardt’s vid that it was a detoxifier. So I added this to the final enema. And then added the other things that I was using in footbaths following the enemas. It all made me feel more normal. I could say I’m flushing all these things down the drain, but I’ve been feeling better and better, both during the enema process, and in general.

I know I’m also attempting to eliminate metals, so it made sense to add minerals directly to help pull them out: Z, Se, mang. My sulfur/ammonia-reducing aminos are lysine, ornithine, now citruline. Also GABA, arginine, choline, biotin (cell-rebuilding), glutamine. Vitamin C and CA to eliminate histamines. When I understood that collagen is one of the elements in Biosil, as recommended by Klinghardt for detox, I added collagen, which I already had on hand.So the list grew, and I continued on by self-testing. If I didn’t self-test, and if I haven’t been doing this testing for the decade in which I’ve been unwell, I’d never have the guts to go on.

The most recent thing I added was chlorella! Since I’m drinking it daily, then why not?! I added this about 3-4 weeks ago. First it was just in the 1st, water enema. Later I also added it to the final one. Lately I’ve only tested for using it in the final water enema, and not drinking it. So I’m utilizing it effectively. During this most recent series, I tested for less of everything. And I’m feeling so normal! I still don’t poop normally. A couple weeks ago it seemed as that was improving, but today and yesterday, my 2 days off, nothing. I only started the CEs after I realized it had been 3 months of very poor bowel function. This is my monitor, I guess. Natasha Campbell-Mcbride, of GAPS, counsels that bacterial die-off can lead to constipation. That’s why I started getting serious about this. Also, I occasionally ad a probiotic, generally S Boulardi.

Oh, I just recalled. I started adding things to the enemas, beyond salt and bicarb, when my bowel was inflamed. Prior to this period I had a time of intense inflammation. When I researched, I found recommendations for chamomile enemas and also linseed/flax seed ‘tea’. I’d used the linseed solution to excellent effect at that time. so I use both of these along w/ the water, about 1 cup each in a 1.5l bucket. The linseed makes a slippery solution which is soothing. I created a method which is working, after my first tries created something so thick it was useless. I use 1 Tb linseeds in 2 liters water. I bring it to a boil, turn it off. I do this again at least once or twice before I use it, so it develops a great consistency, slippery, but not too thick.

These enemas are the only place in my life I’m taking risks I’ve been using the cheapest forms of C and Ca, as I’ve been doing them in footbaths for about 1.5 years. Yet I’m putting ascorbic acid and Ca carbonate into my bum! Sometimes I test for higher doses, but now it’s decreasing. I’m certainly hoping I’m nearing the end of the need for this intensive, especially now that the cool weather’s coming on. As my husband commented, it’s like being in chemotherapy. It takes me about 4 hours/day, and I follow up w/ footbaths: first clay + charcoal, then w/ more of the aminos, minerals. I’ve gone from accepting, as followers of the GAPS diet counsel, to accepting that this is not a sprint, but a marathon, to feeling like every day is a marathon. But my improvements are undeniable. I’m finally healing, after 11 years of feeling drastic.

I’m going to paste a bit of my collected enema notes here. Maybe some of it’s useful. I hadn’t realized until looking now that one of the types listed is choline bitartrate, which I’m adding. These notes I’ve collected from GAPS forum responses, and a bit from saWilsons excellent collection of links, particularly from Gersons. I make my coffee as concentrate, as you’ll see. That’s why I’m also doing the same amount of linseed, so it all lasts 4 days. I was doing chamomile like this, but it seems to go off after a couple days, so I now only do 1 l at a time. I’ve also started adding olive leaf and oregano to the chamomile tea...going for saturation!

When I re-read the following, it explains why I need all the ammonia-reducing supps.


A coffee enema, when done properly, causes the liver to produce more bile, opens the bile ducts and causes the bile to flow. In this process, a toxic liver can dump many of its toxins into the bile and get rid of them in just a few minutes. This often gives great relief to all parts of the body, and often makes the difference between lying down feeling miserable and feeling good and being active. Coffee enemas are also effective in relieving pain. Patients with cancer, for example, may achieve relief from pain even when drugs failed.

http://www.sawilsons.com/how_the_gerson_therapy_heals.htm Scientific explanation re how CE work

...So now you have coffee enemas cleansing the blood. What is the coffee enema removing? Ammonia products, toxic-bound nitrogen, protein derivatives that are often times charged particles, polyamines, amino acids, clumps, complexes.

[posted on GAPS forum, from a book. I don't know author or title]
List of enemas

Water enema

Triple water enema- to apply 3 water enemas in sequence has a greatly increased
effect and is ideal at the onset of a cold, flu, sore throat or sinus congestion
to bring extra stimulation to the lymph system.

Aloe Vera enema - adding to a water enema has an anti inflammatory effect on the mucosa of the colon. This makes it ideally suited to aiding any inflammatory conditions within the digestive system.

Coffee enema - most powerful detox tool for the liver. You need to be very careful with this technique as it is one of ht easiest to misunderstand. Coffee enemas do cause some loss of electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium) which can cause stress in come cases. If overused or used in the wrong situation, they can bring about stress in the kidneys or adrenals due to this diuresis. Should be part of a supervised programme.

Choline Bitartrate enema - can be used as an alternative when a coffee enemashould not be used ( eg in a person who is very dehydrated, where the loss ofelectrolytes could cause problems

Chamomile enema - chamomile tea is a gentle sedative and when added to a waterenema is absorbed via the haemmorrhoidal vein ( as with a coffee enema). Ittravels via the portal system two the liver and has a calming effect upon it andthe rest of the body

Magnesium enema

Faxseed oil enema
Warm a bottle (9oz-17oz/ 250-500ml) of organic flaxseed oil to body temperature by placing it in a jug of warm water, hold for 60 minutes, follow with a water enema to clear the colon of oil

She recommends preceding this with a water enema to clear the colon as the purpose of this enema is to rehydrate by promoting photon and electron activity within the body. And to reiterate can be used in situations where people are unable to utilise oils (eg in people with ME). It is also useful at times of high energy (Spring Equinox just passed / Full Moon) to maximise their effects. And caution should only be performed once a year

Flaxseed tea enema a dinky soothing enema that’s useful for any kind of inflammatory bowel illness such as colitis or Crohn’s disease. It is also wonderful for helping to bring hydration to the colon to relieve fear and anxiety and to help to stabilise blood sugar.

Natasha Campbell-Mcbride, neurologist, originator of GAPS diet

Coffee enema goes into your rectum and sigma, which are the last parts of your bowel and are a few metres away from your stomach. That area of the GI tract is designed to be very absorptive; it has a very rich capillary bed. The blood collected from that area goes directly into the liver, so anything delivered as an enema will hit your liver in seconds. Coffee has substances (apart from caffeine) that cleanse your liver and speed up its ability to filter your blood, so your blood gets ‘cleaner’ as a result. That is why for many people coffee enema is effective for stopping a migraine attack and as a general pain relief. Please, read carefully the coffee enema procedure. You can add a probiotic to your coffee. If you are prone to constipation, you can do coffee enemas right from the beginning of the programme. If you have diarrhoea, I do not recommend any enemas at the beginning; let some healing take place in your gut first before attempting enemas.

Meat stock and bone broth enemas have been historically used in malnourished people, who could not eat for whatever reason. It is very soothing and nourishing for the gut lining, and a fair amount of nourishment is absorbed into the bloodstream. If your bowel is sore and irritated, bone broth enema (particularly with some sour cream added) can be very soothing. Make sure to add good quality natural salt when cooking the broth. You can also add probiotics to this enema.

The bloating is due to yeast activity in your digestive system. The yeast is there because it is dealing with particular toxins, which only yeast can neutralize, for example mercury. No matter how much you try to bring the yeast down, it will be there until the toxins are gone, which can take a long time. In the meantime make sure to remove all dental amalgam fillings or any other extraneous sources of toxins (particularly toxic metals) in your body. Your body has enough to deal with clearing the toxins produced by the abnormal gut flora. Garlic enemas and enemas with bicarbonate of soda will help. For a garlic enema crush 2-3 cloves of fresh garlic into 1 liter of water, strain and use in enema. For the bicarbonate of soda enema add 1 teaspoon of it per liter of water.

http://www.gaps.me/preview/?page_id=32 Natasha Campbell McBride:
For adults I recommend using coffee enemas. If a water enema is used by an adult as a constipation relief, I recommend finishing it with the coffee. I do not recommend coffee enemas for children.

Coffee enemas have been used as a healing remedy for the last 100 years; they are particularly well known as part of the treatment of cancer with Gerson Protocol. Coffee enemas are considered to be one of the best ways of cleansing the liver and speeding up detoxification processes in the body. Many people report that coffee enema gives a good pain relief as well. The mechanism of its function is not clear, but it is thought that various substances in the coffee absorb through the rich capillary bed of the rectum into the portal veins, which lead directly to the liver.

In the Gerson Protocol people perform four coffee enemas every day. A GAPS person does not have to do that; I recommend doing a coffee enema whenever there is a need, which can be once a day, once in a few days or once in a while. Here is what my patients report after using coffee enemas: migraine headaches disappear; feel better, more clear-headed and more energetic; nausea goes away or greatly reduced; pain relief (anywhere in the body); better mood; acne clears up; other skin problems clear up; less reflux; better sleep; feel 'less toxic'. Once a person has experienced the coffee enema, they usually know when they need another one.

In order for the coffee enema to have a full effect one has to hold the coffee in the bowel for about 15 minutes. In the Gerson Protocol people do four coffee enemas per day, so their bowels are kept fairly empty all the time. For a person who does enemas occasionally, holding coffee in for 15 minutes can be very difficult or impossible because the bowel is full. That is why I recommend clearing the bowel out first with water enemas before getting the coffee in. Another reason is that in a GAPS person with faecal compaction or putrefaction in the bowel, trying to hold coffee in would stir up the toxins and allow them to absorb, which can give very unpleasant symptoms.

Coffee enema recipe
To prepare coffee for the enema bring to the boil 1 litre of water, add 3 heaped tablespoons of organic ground coffee, boil for 2 min, then reduce the heat to a minimum, cover with a tight lid and simmer for another 15 min. Cool down to body temperature and strain. There is a brand of coffee on the market used by the Gerson group specifically for enemas.

Coffee enema procedure
Before doing the coffee enema, it is a good idea to have a good cleansing enema with warm water. Use filtered or bottled water, bring it up to the boil and cool down to body temperature. I recommend dissolving some natural salt and bicarbonate of soda in the water (about 1/2 teaspoon of each per one litre of water). The salt will bring the mineral content of the water to a more natural balance for the human body. The bicarbonate of soda will provide alkaline pH, which is natural for the bowel and can help to bring yeast overgrowth down.

Lie down on the right side with knees brought up to the tummy, or assume a knee and elbow position (so the exit of the bowel is higher than other parts of the bowel, allowing the water to flow in). Let 1-1.5 litres of water into the bowel, take the nozzle out, gently massage the abdomen for a few seconds and then empty the bowel. This procedure should be repeated 2-4 times until the water starts coming out looking fairly clean which indicates that the bowel is empty. After that lie down on the back for a few minutes and relax. This will allow the remaining faecal masses (further up in the bowel) to move along the bowel to be expelled (a so-called 'ileal flush'). When the bowel is empty, slowly get the coffee in. It is desirable to keep the coffee inside for 15 min before expelling it to allow the coffee to absorb into the portal system. To hold the coffee for that long I recommend keeping the pipe in the rectum (after the coffee has gone in) to allow gases to escape: accumulating gas stretches the bowel and causes an urge to empty too quickly. Changing position also helps to keep the coffee in longer. So, when there is an urge to empty, turn onto another side, or onto the back or assume a knee and elbow position. The whole procedure takes about two hours, so allocate plenty of time for it and have a good book to read.

To Make Coffee Enemas Gerson Style


It can serve a lot of purposes I've found. One is as a personal and public journal (external memory bank). A lot of times I just can't remember so I put it in a blog post. And it's a good place to share experience and any discoveries with others. Esp. someone like yourself who is having so much success. The more you can share the better!
Thanks Ahmo! That was great, having all that info in one spot and clearly laid out.
Thanks ahmo, I had my first enemas yesterday (began with water, then coffee enema 1 tsp only to test), so far, no problem, just a little tummy pain...
The water enema first was essential.
Thanks ahmo. Looking forward to seeing your next blog on footbaths and biofilm busters. Best wishes.
@Christopher in a minor way...Disturbed by smells, eg laundry products aisle, candles, cigarettes... But I do notice I'm less bothered by all of these now than I was.
@Christopher, I've pasted in NCM's instructions, 3 Tb coffee/1 litre water. I've been making it in the Gerson way, concentrated. This seems to use 4 Tb instead of 3 Tb. 4x4Tb = 1/4 cup. I make it in batches for 2 sets of 2 enemas, (or 4 sets if using more frequently), refrigerating the extra. So I use 1 cup coffee + 1 l water, simmer 20", then pour the concentrate into 2x 500ml jars. I pour more hot water over the grounds, to bring the total volume up to 500ml in each jar, so each will give me 2x 1 cup (250ml) coffee for enema....so many words for something I do automatically!
Great post @ahmo! I have done many CE's, and they are wonderful. I have stopped them since starting Freddd's active b12 protocol a few weeks ago as they are said to increase Glutothione production by 700%. I was hoping to get your opinion on that, do they affect your b12 levels at all because of this? I really do miss the CE's and so does my liver...thanks so much and I am going to check out your other posts!

Good point TropicalKid.
im exactly stuck at the same junction. I am going through fredds protocol. and experiencing start up. but i know CE's is great. but not sure if its right to do it between Fredds protocol .

Ahmo.. look for your valuable advice here.
I started Freddd's Protocol March 2013. I think I started frequent CEs about December that year. I'm not sure how frequently I used them before that. No ill effects.

Re glutathione, I can't imagine I was having a 700% increase, or anything close. During my periods of intense use of CEs (December 2013-June 2014; Jan-April 2015) I've actually decreased my need for B12. Not to say that CEs led to less need, but that whatever else was going on allowed me to decrease B12, in spite of CEs.. Yes, best liver medicine I've found.
Thanks Ahmo, great blog! I wonder if it matters which coffee you use. Can you just use any regular coffee? Or is a organic coffee adviced?
hi @Ahmo
do you know if coffee enemas are ok for those with histamine issues or CBS? thanks
Ahmo, here we are in 2021 and i printed out your blog on extendedd CEs. I want to thank you because I feel great after doing these. So far, I add just the basics you mention- lysine glycine butyrate ornithing salt bicarb at the end. But it really helps. However, Histamine or MCA has become the newly identified nuisance and I have had to cut more things of my list of 6 tolerated foods. So more work to be done., cheers from Soutern California, Cristina

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