My day so far

It's always gratifying to accomplish something. What used to seem like a tedious chore, has now become a great accomplishment. And today it was going to the ATM. And I had to get there because I had some checks here that needed depositing. And I didn't want them to expire, as has happened to me before.

Anyway, I managed to get the ATM and deposit them. I also managed to control two impulses. Impulse 1 was to drive down to a self-serve car wash, where you put in a bunch of quarters and then walk around your car holding a sprayer. That impulse didn't last long. The next one was to go to the drive-through taco place and pick up lunch. I was on my way there when I remembered I signed up for GrubHub and I can get this delivered Delivery has an extra cost, but so do my part-time caregivers. So I pondered that as I headed home.

And since then the day has been boring, boring, boring.


I always hated going to the bank, long lines, etc. If you have a smart phone, some banks have an app. You take a picture of the check front and back, and walla... its deposited. No muss no fuss

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