My Day From Hell

Got up today and the fire alarm went off in the building. I am on the sixth floor. When the alarm goes off, they shut down the elevators and expect us to walk all the way down six flights of stairs. Going down, I can pretty much do, even though it's hard on me. But the coming up, almost couldn't do it.

So they made us go down, we sat in the lobby for two and half hours. They couldn't get the elevators working again. We all had to march back up the stairs, and in my case the six flights. With CFIDS/ME and POTS, yeah. I had to stop on every floor and really didn't think I'd make it back up here. I thought I'd end up sitting on the steps for like two weeks.

So then I get back up here and the new tenant next to me, decided he would blast his stereo throughout my entire apartment. He has his stereo right on my bedroom wall complete with thumping bass. I tried asking him nicely to turn it down. He was nasty to me. And within five minutes, he turned it all the way even worse and continued to blast it all over my entire apartment. So there was no rest for me after climbing six flights of stairs.

I ended up calling security, they told me they couldn't get someone to me for an hour. So by then, the animal tenant had turned it down. And I don't think they really caught him doing it. But this is the second time this week he has blasted the stereo on me.

This is why low income housing sux. They let anyone in here. It's not totally a disabled or elderly place.

A few weeks ago, management had made an offer to pay to move me out, and I had said I needed some time to think about it. Especially because they said they could have me out in two weeks, and I cannot pack in two weeks. I need help. So, Monday, I'm going to ask if the offer still stands for them to pay for the move. And I don't think I have a choice anymore. I have to get out of here for my health. Between the numerous false fire alarms that go off here all year, and the bad tenants around me causing me so much stress and ruining my life, I can't stay.

I was willing to hold out till they got the other tenant out that's been stalking me and scaring me. But this new one with a stereo on my bedroom wall, can't do it. Perfect way to get me out, cause I can't do it.

I managed to get some sleep with earplugs in my ears and white noise on. But not enough. He's not blasting it now, but the damage has already been done.

And I can't talk to the manager till Monday. He was in today, but the secretary refused to put him on. But she did give me his voicemail and I left a message.

It's just really sad. I love living here. I love my apartment. I really do not have much complaints other than the two bad tenants on my floor. I have one with mental illness that stalks me. And now I have the stereo blaster who brings hookers in at night, too. Can't live around it. They can break every rule of the building and it takes years to throw them out. But me, who doesn't do anything wrong, I'm the one who will have to leave.


It sucks how inconsiderate people can be. I used to live in a condo and can empathize with the thumping bass. I've never heard of a place having so many false fire alarms, some moron must think he's pretty funny. Have you tried a restraining order with the stalker? Sorry you might have to move, but maybe you can get some peace if you do, hang in there one way or the other.
The fire alarms go off in this building if someone just over cooks their food. Then they evacuate the entire building all for alittle cooking smoke. It's horrible. Since I've lived here, about three years, we have probably had more than six fire alarm evacuations each year and it's always bull. One time, someone did really burn something, but they caught it. But ninety nine percent of the time, it's bull. We were also evacuated last year because one tenant thought she smelled gas. No one else in the entire building smelled a thing. But she insisted she smelled gas and called 911 instead of maint. So we had the fire dept here, the cops, everyone, they made us all get out for over four hours that day. And they never found a thing.

I haven't yet done a restraining order on this guy. I have thought about it, though. I know they will finish evicting him. It's just a matter of time. Security was in there again yesterday. The first guard didn't like whatever he said to him, so he went and got the security supervisor and then the two of them went back to his apartment. At least he's been quiet ever since.

The new guy next to me, didn't seem to blast the stereo today, and I keep thinking it's because the other one was quiet. So, I'm going down to the office tomorrow with a two page letter I wrote out about all this and see if management can talk to the new stereo blaster and get him to knock it off. I shouldn't have to be the one to move out just because these guys don't know how to live around people. I am so mad over it.
Yikes, I'm sorry Carrigon. This fills me with fear about my own housing options should I be lucky enough to get disability. Are there any places in your area that are tailored to disabled people? I can imagine there are pros and cons to either option really. Is Section 8 a possibility? I would like to think you could have a place where you don't have to share any walls...
Can't afford Sec 8 because of the utilities and the rents here are just way too high with the tiny amount of SS I get. And I haven't seen any other places around here for disabled. They just lump the disabled in with the elderly and the "poor but healthy" and the mental cases they let out of all the mental hospitals they closed down. It's not good.
I hear you. And even with regular apt. living that isn't low income, this can happen. It's happened to me twice. One time I had to move. I am so sorry and I understand. No matter which way you look at it, apartment living stinks. Owning a house isn't much better with all the upkeep. The difference is, you can sing in the middle of the night and not worry about someone blaring music so much.
Well, yesterday I spent an hour with the manager. And he said he would talk to this idiot tenant. And so far, today, he's been quiet. So, I'm hoping and hoping it will work out. If he'd just stay quiet there wouldn't be a problem. But we'll see.

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